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We’ve been thinking about emigrating for about a year. The problem is, you can’t make money from agriculture in this country any more. There are so many rules and regulations, everything is ruled by the EU, and we felt there was no future for us here. I got in touch with Overseas Emigration Visas and had a long conversation with Richard Gregan, the director of OE. After hearing my circumstances, and my plans, Richard put me in touch with Eric, OE’s associate in Canada.

A few weeks after speaking to Richard, I went out to to have a look round. Sarah wanted to come but she couldn’t make it because of family commitments, so I was on my own. As soon as I landed in Manitoba I thought – this is the place for me. It was love at first sight, really. It didn’t look the way I imagined; I thought it would be mile after mile of wheat fields, but there are actually lots of trees as well. There’s this amazing feeling of space. If you ask people how far it is from A to B, they tell you how long the drive will take. And if you ask, ‘What if there’s a traffic jam?’ they just laugh at you. There are apparently no traffic jams in Manitoba!

The people are incredibly friendly, too – they take it as a bit of an insult if you go into a café and sit down on your own without talking to anyone. I don’t think we’ll have any trouble making friends. And all the people I’ve dealt with, like the solicitor and the bank manager, have been fantastic. It all seems far less bureaucratic than here.

I went to see Eric and I knew straight away he was someone I’d get on with. He’s an absolute star, totally switched on. He’s like me, we both go at things hell for leather. I went home and started gathering all the information OE needed for the immigration forms, which wasn’t much fun, but then I hate paperwork. There were a lot of forms and documents, and having Eric to point me in the right direction was invaluable – I don’t think I could have done it on my own. He knew exactly what the immigration people would be looking for and although my file was bulging with hundreds of different pieces of paper he has a great eye for detail and was able to spot when there was a document missing. Within two months, the forms had all been sent off and now six months later, having passed a medical, we are eagerly waiting for our entry visas which will make us Permanent Residents once we actually set foot in . I’m told that six months is something of a world record! After we have been there for three years, we have the option of applying for Canadian citizenship.

I’ve found a farm to buy – it’s 1,250 acres, about twelve times the size of our farm in Suffolk – and the owner is quite happy to wait until we have all our paperwork sorted out before we complete the sale.

I’ve been to three times in the last year and I’m sure I’ve made the right decision. Sarah has still not been there, which some people find odd, but she trusts my judgement!…
– The Wilkes, Manitoba, Canada

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