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Re-Opening of the Non-Contributory Parent and Other Family visas

Legislation that closed the non-contributory parent and other family visas on 2nd June 2014 was successfully disallowed by the Senate on 25th September. The closed visas will now re-open immediately. Please note, however, that those visas lodged between 2nd June and 25 September are still invalid.

The following visa subclasses in the Family Stream of the Migration Programme are open to new applications:

Parent Visa Subclass 103

Aged parent Visa – Subclass 804

Aged Dependent Relative Visa – Subclass 114 and Subclass 838

Remaining Relative Visa Subclass 115 and Subclass 835

Carer Visa Subclass 116 and Subclass 836

We are currently rushing through cases on behalf of several clients under this category. If this is something you are interested in please do not postpone calling us.  These visas will be closed off shortly. Contact us at: enquiries@my-oe.com or call 0800 193 6900 (free in the UK); +44 131 625 6900 form overseas, or check our website: www.overseas-emigration.co.uk



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