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Changes made to SOL

The Skilled Occupation List (SOL) Schedule 1 has changed from 1st July 2012, with four occupations added to the list and four occupations removed.

The SOL determines which occupations are eligible for independent and family sponsored skilled migration.

Visa applications that are affected by the updated SOL

The updated SOL applies to all new independent (unsponsored) and family sponsored skilled migration applications lodged on or after 1 July 2012 unless they are from applicants eligible for transitional arrangements. Applications lodged before 1 July 2012 with a nominated occupation that is no longer on the SOL in effect from 1 July 2012 will continue to be processed. Priority processing arrangements may however change for certain applicants according to the Ministerial Direction on priority

Summary of changes to the SOL

The following changes have been applied to the SOL.
Additions to the SOL
133513 Production Manager (Mining)
234912 Metallurgist
251411 Optometrist
263111 Computer Network and Systems Engineer

Removals from the SOL
234211 Chemist
252711 Audiologist
331111 Bricklayer
333411 Wall and Floor Tiler

Bear in mind that the above changes apply only to the SOL Schedule 1, and these occupations will continue to be available for state sponsorship.


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