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New South Wales Occupation list

Find your path to living in New South Wales through skilled migration…

New South Wales (NSW) is located on the east coast of Australia. Bordering to Queensland on the north and Victoria to the south, it is the country’s most populous state. It is a picturesque state, which boasts of a number of lively cities and major regional hubs that are home to numerous growing industries. Sydney may be the metropolitan highlight of NSW, but the amazing coastal cities of Wollongong and Newcastle cannot go unnoticed.  

If you plan to study, work or emigrate to Australia to harness the full potential of your career then New South Wales is a fantastic location to consider. NSW is home to a diversified economy and it can be your portal to a successful career in Australia.

Skilled migration to Australia will not only allow you to find an occupation that suits your qualifications and experience, but also opens doors to thriving business opportunities and competitive salary scales. It’s not all business in NSW as the State offers an excellent quality of life. Known for its stunning beaches, fantastic dining, wineries and even skiing – one thing’s for sure that life in NSW is fantastic for those who love outdoor activities – as well as BBQ-ing that is!

If you plan to emigrate to Australia then it is advisable to seek employment opportunities via the skilled nominated migration (190) category. The NSW occupation list for 2018 open opportunities for candidates from different disciplines including education, health, tourism & hospitality, business & finance, engineering, science, ICT, social & welfare, automotive, building trade, metal trade and many more.

A qualified candidate will be granted a skilled visa to live and work in New South Wales, however, you there are many requirements you must meet  to be eligible for a skilled migration path. With the new TSS visa streams of both short and medium length, candidates will have the option to apply for permanent residency – meaning all that paperwork is well worth the hassle!

The current criteria for NSW skilled nominated visa selection are stated below:

  • Candidates must be under the age of 45 years during the time applying  
  • She/He needs to have an occupation that falls under the NSW 190 priority skilled occupations list
  • She/He must undergo a skill assessment test from an assessing authority in Australia
  • Must score minimum of 65 points from the Australian Department of Home Affairs points test
  • Prove that the candidate meets the NSW and DHA visa eligibility requirement
  • Candidate needs to be chosen by NSW and she/he must receive an invitation to apply for NSW nomination
  • The candidate must ensure that she/he applies for NSW nomination within 14 days of being invited
  • The selected candidate must commit to live and work in NSW for minimum of two years

The latest list of NSW 190 priority skilled occupation list can be viewed on the government website here.



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