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Western Australia publishes new state sponsorship list: many occupations removed

The Western Australia has removed a large number of occupations from its state sponsorship list. The new list is effective immediately.

In addition to many occupations being removed entirely, Western Australia has also moved a large number of occupations to Schedule 2 (offlist), which means that applicants applying under these categories will require a job offer if they are to be approved for state sponsorship.

Occupations removed entirely are as follows:

139913 Laboratory Manager

141111 Café Restaurant Manager

141311 Hotel Motel Manager

141999 Accommodation and hosp managers nec

149413 Transport Company Manager

221111 Accountant

223311 Training & Development Professional

233112 Materials Engineer

233411 Electronics Engineer

234313 Environmental Research Scientist

234412 Geophysicist

234912 Metallurgist

242211 Vocational Education Teacher

251312 Occ Health & Safety Adviser

312111 Architectural Draftsperson

312112 Building Associate

312412 Electronic Engineering Technician

312511 Mechanical Engineering Draftsperson

213911 Maintenance Planner

321211 Motor Mechanic (general)

322311 Metal Fabricator

323113 Aircraft Maintenance engineer (structures)

323299 Metal fitters and Machinist nec

323316 Watch & Clock maker

323412 Toolmaker

331111 Bricklayer

331112 Stonesman

332111 Floor Finisher

342414 Telecommunications technician

351411 Cook

391111 Hairdresser

394111 Cabinetmaker

399111 Boat Builder

399211 Chemical plant operator

399212 Gas/petroleum operator

399917 Wool classer

411711 Community Worker

411712 Disability Services Officer

511111 Contract Administrator

511112 Program Administrator

612115 Real Estate Representative

The following occupations have now been moved to Schedule 2 (offlist), which means that a job offer is now required in order to make a successful application:


121318 Pig farmer

132311 Human resource manager

133112 Project builder

133211 Engineering manager

133511 Production manager (forestry)

133512 Production manager (manufacturing)

133611 Supply and distribution manager

134111 Childcare centre manager

134211 Medical administrator

135112 ICT project manager ACS

135199 ICT managers not elsewhere classified

139911 Arts administrator or manager

139912 Environmental manager

142111 Retail manager (general)

149112 Fitness centre manager

149113 Sports centre manager

149311 Conference and event

149913 Facilities manager



223111 Human resource adviser

224212 Gallery or museum curator

224214 Records manager

232111 Architect

233213 Quantity surveyor

233913 Biomedical engineer

233915 Environmental engineer

233999 Engineering professionals not elsewhere classified

234212 Food technologist

234311 Conservation officer

234312 Environmental consultant

234314 Park ranger

234411 Geologist

234711 Veterinarian

241111 Early childhood (pre-primary school) teacher

241213 Primary school teacher

241411 Secondary school teacher

251311 Environmental health officer

252411 Occupational therapist

252511 Physiotherapist

252712 Speech pathologist S

254411 Nurse practitioner

254412 Registered nurse (aged care)

254411 Nurse practitioner

254412 Registered nurse (aged care)

254413 Registered nurse (child and family health)

254414 Registered nurse (community health)

254415 Registered nurse (critical care and emergency)

254416 Registered nurse (development disability)

254417 Registered nurse (disability and rehabilitation)

254421 Registered nurse (medical practice)

254422 Registered nurse (mental health)

254423 Registered nurse (perioperative)

254424 Registered nurse (surgical)

254499 Registered nurse not elsewhere classified

262112 ICT security specialist

263112 Network administrator

263113 Network analyst

272112 Drug and alcohol counsellor

272114 Rehabilitation counsellor


Technicians and trades workers

311312 Meat inspector

312113 Building inspector

312114 Construction estimator

312511 Mechanical engineering draftsperson

312912 Metallurgical or materials technician

312913 Mine deputy

323215 Textile, clothing and footwear mechanic

324211 Vehicle body builder

331212 Carpenter (includes joiner)

332211 Painting trades worker

333211 Fibrous plasterer

333212 Solid plasterer

333411 Wall and floor tiler

334111 Plumber (general)

334114 Gasfitter

334115 Roof plumber

342313 Electronic equipment trades worker

342314 Electronic instrument trades worker (general)

342315 Electronic instrument trades worker (special class)

362211 Gardener (general)

394213 Wood machinist

399999 Technicians and trades workers not elsewhere classified

441211 Emergency service worker

The full list of sponsored occupations can be found on the Western Australian Government’s website: http://www.migration.wa.gov.au/skilledmigration/Pages/Occupationsindemand.aspx

If you think you are going to be affected by these changes, please call us on 0131 625 6900 and ask to speak to a Consultant who will be happy to discuss your options with you.

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