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Canadian immigration minister in bid lure high-tech skilled migrants

Canadian Immigration Minister Jason Kenney will visit America’s Silicon Valley this week in an attempt to lure high-tech skilled workers north on its new Canada visa programme.

The Start Up Visa programme is intended to make Canada a more attractive prospect for migrants than the United States, where many foreign workers struggle to obtain a secure immigration status.

The visa offers permanent residency in Canada to those migrants capable of securing funding from Canadian investors.

Canada’s growing economy and vast size combined with increased competition from developing countries and a relatively low birth rate means Canada is looking abroad for the skills it needs to continue its position as a world leader.

As part of that effort, Mr Kenney will visit the heart of America’s technology industry in order to tempt migrants to Canada to work in its own budding technology industry.

During his visit, the minister will meet with high-tech executives, venture-capitalists and graduating students about the merits of Canada, using a new marketing campaign called ‘Pivot to Canada’.


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