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Quebec announces changes to its visa programme

The Government of Quebec has announced major changes to its immigration programmes. These changes are due to come into effect from August 1st.

Visa changes are as follows:

Skilled Workers
Starting in August, a cap of 20,000 applications has been placed on the Quebec Skilled Worker Programme. The Quebec Experience Programme remains open to an unlimited number of applications. In addition, applicants with a valid offer of employment are not subjected to this cap.
A level of ‘advanced intermediate’ proficiency in French will become the new language threshold for receiving points under the “French language” selection factor for both programmes.
Additionally, a new list of areas of training/fields of study will be published for the Quebec Skilled Worker Programme.

The investor programme, currently closed, will reopen to accept a maximum of 1750 applications. A maximum of 1200 applicants per country has also been put in place. However, applicants who speak at least an ‘advanced intermediate’ level of French will not be subject to this cap.
In addition, beginning August 1st investor applicants must pay a government fee of $10,000 for review of their applications. Applications must be received between August 1st and 16th, 2013.

Businesspeople (Entrepreneurs) and Self-Employed Workers
A maximum of 500 entrepreneur and self-employed worker applications will be accepted for review. A minimum level of ‘advanced intermediate’ proficiency in French will be required to achieve “French language” points in both categories.


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