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Employer Sponsored Visas

When applying under Australia’s skilled migration program, the occupation you nominate must be present on the Australian Skilled Occupations List (SOL).

This list outlines all the occupations that are needed in Australia.

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Employer Sponsored Visa 457 for Australia

What is a 457 Visa?

The 457 Visa allows employers to sponsor approved skilled workers to work in Australia on a temporary basis.

Employers can nominate a number of positions for different occupations under the same sponsorship application if they can not find an appropriately skilled Australian citizen or permanent resident to fill the positions. With this visa you and your dependent family members can live and work in Australia for a period of between one day and four years. Applicants may be able to use this opportunity as a pathway to permanent residency.

457 Visa applicants must:

be sponsored by an employer to fill a nominated position in an occupation on the Consolidated Skilled Occupation List (CSOL)

have skills, qualifications, experience and an employment background which match those required for the position

be eligible for any relevant licences or registration required for the nominated position

demonstrate that they are to be paid at least the minimum salary level that applies at the time a decision is made on their visa.

Please note that the 457 is a temporary 4 year visa and may not necessarily lead to permanent residency. Selling your home and taking any other irrevocable action should only be undertaken with professional advice.


What next?

If you want to apply for a Australia Visa or want to find out more information about emigrating to Australia, please either :

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Australia FAQ


How much money am I required to bring as landing money when I enter Australia for the first time?

You are not required to have any specific amount. To have a reasonably comfortable “settling in” experience the more the better.

We have loans and credit cards debts, will this affect our application for migration? What would happen if we leave these debts behind? Also will it affect our credit rating in Australia or cause any trouble getting a mortgage once we get there?

Your credit rating is not checked for your migration application so it will not affect you getting your visa. However it may affect your credit rating in Australia as some banks carry this over and may affect getting a mortgage. If the debt is large there is every reason to suspect that they will track you down – paying off a £ debt on an $AUD income can be hard.

Can you emigrate if you have previously been bankrupt?

Generally yes. Some serial bankrupt people could be knocked back under “character”. If you are going as a business person there would be a major, if not insurmountable, problem.

After the processing fee for the visa, what other costs would be there after receiving permanent residency through Skilled migration?

Medical & police clearance & postage should do it assuming you don’t have any language charges or bonds to pay.

Did you know?

The Skilled Occupation List (SOL) is a list of skilled occupations that deliver high value skills needed by the Australian economy.

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