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If you want to apply for a USA Visa or want to find out more information about emigrating to USA, please either :

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USA Permanent Emigration And Visas

We can help with all US permanent visa classes apart from asylum and refugee status cases.


We can provide assistance with the following US Permanent Visa classes :

a. All employment based classifications including company transferees, extraordinary ability immigrants, high level researchers, persons of exceptional ability, persons with higher degrees, skilled/unskilled workers, professionals and nurses.

b. All family based classifications, including spouses, parents and minor children of US Citizens, adult sons and daughters and married sons and daughters of US Citizens and siblings of US citizens. We also provide assistance for spouses and minor children of US permanent residents. One of the most popular amongst these is the U.S. Permanent visa based upon marriage to a US Citizen.

Assistance can also be provided for permanent waivers of inadmissibility and voluntary revocation of citizenship/permanent residency.


If my application is refused, how soon will I be informed?

You will be informed within a week of the decision.

How do I know if I am eligible to apply for permanent immigration?

The easiest and fastest way for you to find out if you are eligible is to fill out our free online assessment and let our registered agents do all the work for you. All the assessments we recieve are looked over by qualified agents who will make a preliminary assessment based on the information you provide and contact you to discuss your options.

What if my situation changes after I have lodged my application? Do I need to tell anyone?

Definitely, any changes should be communicated to the department. If not you may put your application at serious risk since the details it is being process on are no longer accurate. If the change is a major one you can apply to have your application put on hold if you wish.

What about all my furniture and appliances? What about my pets?

There are plenty of international removal companies that will help you ship all of your belongings to your new home, it just depends on how attached you are to your furniture. Some people prefer to have a fresh start and buy all new goods on arrival rather than wait several months for their shipping container to arrive, others like to take this time and do some travelling and check out their new country before they settle. Its a good idea to check with customs of your destination country if you are unsure about any items you want to ship, animal skins or products may not be allowed in. We have an affilitation with Anglo Pacific who pass on discounts to our clients. Pets on the other hand have to spend some time in quarantine before they will be allowed to join you in your new home, but they can definately come with the family. There are specialist pet removal companies that can take care of the whole process for you.


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