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5 Reasons Families Should Consider Living in Perth 

Relocating to a different town or country is always a big decision, especially if you’re also emigrating to a country like Australia from the UK. Usually, the main question on every parent’s mind is whether the location is right for their family, especially when raising children. Here are five reasons why families should consider moving to Perth and setting down roots in this amazing city:

  1. Perth has the best summers in the whole of Australia. The winters are mild and the rest of the year is mostly hot, clear and sunny, maxing 30 C. The climate and weather is perfect for spending time together as a family, whether it’s relaxing at the beach or playing outdoor sports in the many public parks and gardens.
  1. You’ll never be short of something to do in your free time: kayaking with dolphins, cycling through the parks, visiting the theatres, galleries and museums, as well as watching live music and comedy acts at various venues across the city. There are plenty of retail stores in the shopping districts and a wide variety of restaurants to try.
  1. Although Perth is a city, and the state capital of Western Australia, it has a reputation for being very relaxed and having a positive atmosphere. The city itself is huge, but there are many parts, especially in the suburbs, which are family-friendly and have a warm community feel; great for raising children.
  1. The beaches and surrounding areas of Perth are beautiful. Such natural beauty would be a wonderful environment to bring up children. Perth in particular has some of the most beautiful beaches in Australia and they are clean and well maintained.
  1. Although the cost of living is higher, the yearly salary is also higher, and more than enough to live on. The quality of fresh food is much better due to Australia’s high standards in food safety and quality assurance systems.

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