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International Graduates from South Australia’s universi-ties have access to a larger list of occupations for state nomination and can access waivers

If you are graduate from a South Australian University and are looking to pursue further research or carry on your education in South Australia you have access to a larger list of occupations for state nomination and can access waivers that other migrants may not have access to. In this article we take a look at the key points and what is needed for a successful state nomination and what it entails. This guide aims to provide a summary for international graduates who are applying for state nominated visa from the state of South Australia. (Please note this is an overview and quick guide and should be researched further.)

General Rules for International Graduates.

When you are applying for it is important as an international graduate, that you meet the existing requirements and criteria for occupations for state nomination.

The key points in no particular order are:  

  • your age
  • your commitment to the state
  • that you are able to understand and speak in English
  • that you have relevant skills and talents
  • And that you are financially stable or able to fund your studies and living costs while in Australia.

It is also important that the nominated occupation and your South Australia qualification is in the same field, (Or under the waivers, a similar field with the same skill sets).

Your South Australian qualification must be Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS) registered and for a minimum of 1 academic year. Also if all your studies were not in South Australia, a pre-requisite of at least half of it must have been there.

If you require extra work experience for your nominated occupation, you are required to be working in this field, or a field that is similar to your chosen nominated occupation in SA, and for a minimum of 20 hours per week.

Some occupations will carry the requirements of having to been in this occupation for a minimum of one year in South Australia post-graduation. You can see a full list for more information at www.migration.sa.gov.au/skilled-migrants/lists-of-state-nominated-occupations

Nominations for occupations to South Australia Immigration are offered on a limited basis for those that appear on the supplementary skilled list or are listed as special conditions.

What should be noted that the longer your employment in South Australia the higher the priority.

Should you be considering applying as an international graduate to South Australia you should first fully understand the process of application, ensure you meet the requirements and criteria that is required, and we STRONGLY recommend that you seek professional advice from a MARA approved Migration Agent who can help you with your application so that you can get it right first time. The team at Overseas

Emigration will be more than happy to discuss the various options available to you and if you chose to instruct us, we can lodge your student visa application on your behalf.

For more information on Australian Student Visas types visit our Australian Student Visa Page

The information contained in this article has been sourced directly from migration.sa.gov.au. Read the full details here

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