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Emigration Guides: Registration requirements for nurses moving to Australia

Registration requirements for Registered nurses 

Nursing in Australia offers be a rewarding and exciting life! It can be challenging, but they are also personally, professionally and financially rewarding.

The working environment is an exciting one and is constantly changing, where no two days are ever the same. You also have the option to become a general nurse or specialise in specific areas.

Skilled nurses with eligible qualifications are in demand in Australia

Nursing careers provide you with the opportunity and flexibility to progress and learn new skills. These skills are always in demand and will assist you to work almost anywhere in the world.

You will need to first register as a nurse

In order to work in Australia and become a registered nurse, you will need to first register as a nurse, make an application for a work visa and meet all of the required criteria in order to qualify and practice.

You cannot qualify and practice as a nurse if you have not been registered first. It is also essential that you speak English proficiently, no matter what your first language is. You will need to provide evidence of this via tests during registration.

Emigration planning is essential

Do your homework when it comes to working and living in Australia. If you know anyone who lives over there, ask them for their advice on what you should seriously consider, such as living and financial arrangements.

Registration standards

Registration standards are there to clearly outline the requirements that every applicant must meet to be considered for registration as a qualified nurse.

Qualification Criteria: Internationally qualified registered nurses

Every applicant must meet the requirements in regard to education and training. The exact criteria will differ depending on the desired role in question.

You’ll need to a have criminal record check

To be eligible for employment as a nurse, you need to obtain registration (provided by the NMBA), a criminal record check and clearance and have Australian citizenship to secure permanent residency or a visa that will permit you to work in Australia. In some cases, visa applications will require completion of a skills assessment.

Where to look for healthcare jobs in Australia

In order to seek suitable employment for a nursing job in Australia, there are many employment websites and Australian Nursing Agencies that offer information and searchable jobs databases for nursing jobs. Other places to consider are online newspapers, health organisations and local hospital websites.

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