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Skilled Migration Guides: New South Wales Occupation list

New South Wales (NSW) is located on the east coast of Australia. Bordering Queensland on the north and Victoria to the south, and it is the country’s most populated state. It is a picturesque state, which boasts a number of lively cities and major regional hubs that are home to numerous growing industries. Sydney maybe the metropolitan highlight of NSW but the amazing coastal cities of Wollongong, Newcastle and Byron Bay cannot go unnoticed. Once you start researching, you’ll be amazed at the number of suburbs and opportunities available.

Skilled Migration to Australia

If you plan to study, work or emigrate to Australia to harness the full potential of your career then New South Wales must be taken into consideration. NSW is home to a diversified economy and it can be your portal to a successful career in Australia. Skilled migration to Australia will not only allow you to find an occupation that suits your qualifications and experience but also opens doors to thriving business opportunities and competitive salary scales. It’s not all business in NSW since the beach, dining, wining and the ski fields (yep, they also have ski fields), will definitely take you by storm.  

New South Wales Skilled Occupation List

If you plan to move to Australia, you must know that NSW employment opportunities are offered to international candidates under the skilled nominated migration (190) category. The NSW occupation list for 2018 opens opportunities for candidates from different disciplines including education, health, tourism & hospitality, business & finance, engineering, science, ICT, social & welfare, automotive, building trade, metal trade etc.

Australian Skilled Independent Visas

Qualified candidates will be granted skilled independent visas to live and work in New South Wales however you must know that it is not a simple process to access. But those who get the opportunity to migrate to the beautiful land of Australia will always opt to make it their second home. As one of the most noteworthy global destinations to work, the process of obtaining a skilled visa will take plenty of paperwork.  

The current criteria for NSW skilled nominated visa selection are as given below

  • must be under the age of 45 years at the time of applying  
  • must have an occupation that falls under the NSW 190 priority skilled occupations list
  • must undergo a skills assessment test from an assessing authority in Australia
  • Must score a minimum of 65 points from the Australian Department of Home Affairs points test
  • Prove that the candidate meets the NSW and DoHA visa eligibility requirement
  • Needs to receive an invitation to apply for NSW nomination
  • must apply for NSW nomination within 14 days of being invited
  • must commit to live and work in NSW for a minimum of two years

The latest list of NSW 190 priority skilled occupation list can be viewed on the below link.


Contact us for 2019 updates to the Skilled Occupation List for New South Wales, Australia

If the above is of relevance to you it is advisable that you seek out support and advice from a registered MARA approved Migration Agent. The team at Overseas Emigration will be more than happy to discuss your options.


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