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NZ Working Holiday Schemes must be submitted online from 18 April 2014

From the INZ website:

A change to immigration regulations means that from 18 April 2014 (New Zealand time) all working holiday scheme (WHSs) applications must be submitted using the online application system. Any manual applications received on or after 18 April will be returned to the applicant.

If you are considering applying under a WHS and you are not sure if you can submit an application before 18 April, you should apply using the online system.

The only exception to this is United Kingdom working holidaymakers who are in New Zealand on a 12-month visa, and want to lodge an application for the balance of the 23 months allowed. This second application must be lodged manually. The current WHS form (INZ 1085) will be removed on 17 April 2014 and will be replaced by a new application form specifically for this group of people.

Article Source: http://www.immigration.govt.nz/migrant/general/generalinformation/news/whssubmittedonlinefrom18april2014.htm


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