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New Zealand looking for spatial scientists

Immigration New Zealand has added Spatial Scientist to its list of Long Term Skill Shortages (LTSSL), due to continued sustained growth in the geospatial sector and a shortage of residents with digital geospatial skills.

Other terms used for this category include: GIS Developer, GIS Analyst, GIS Administrator, GIS Consultant, and Geospatial Information Architect.

Spatial scientists who fit the criteria will get priority visa processing. They will have a range of visa options available to them due to the fact that their skills are in demand. Depending on their age and work experience, they may be able to gain immediate residency without a job offer under INZ’s skilled migrant category.

Another popular route for spatial scientists is ‘Work to Residence (LTSSL)’. This requires a job offer to support the visa application so INZ will try to put spatial scientists in touch with employers using its online ‘Skillfinder’ database.


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