Provincial Nominees

Each Province has the ability to ‘Nominate’ applicants

This isn’t a Permanent Residency application as only the Federal Government can confer this. However, a Nomination can add points to an Express Entry Profile or an application can be made directly through a PNP application for Permanent residency. Once Nominated, most Provincial streams will also allow you to apply for Work Permits while your application for PR is in process.

Provinces will have distinct Nomination streams but these usually will be divided into:

  1. Skilled Worker streams
  2. Skilled Worker streams in conjunction with an Express Entry Profile.
  3. Business Streams
  4. Provincial Work, Work & Study, Job offer or Residency streams

In most (but not all) streams, a job offer or Provincial Work experience will be required.

A nomination by a Province will add 600 points to an Express Entry Profile.

To be Nominated, the applicant must prove that they intend to live and work in that Province.

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