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If you are a homeowner and/or have substantial assets, you may qualify so if you have substantial equity in your home take advantage of it NOW!

If so, you may have the potential to emigrate to the USA on an E2 investment visa.

The E2 Visa enables investors who are nationals of certain countries to purchase a business and live in the USA. The E2 visa allows investors to apply for entry to theUnited States in order to invest in and manage and coordinate the running of a business enterprise in the United States.

In order to qualify for the E2 visa, you must be a citizen of a nation that holds a treaty of trade and commerce with the USA – and the UK is one of these nations. Thousands of UK citizens emigrate to the USA (especially Florida) and one of the easiest and quickest ways to emigrate to the USA is via the E2 visa.

How to Apply

The business purchased must meet a number of immigration rules that regulate the following aspects:

  • The nationality of the investor.
  • The amount of the investment.
  • The nature of the investment.
  • The nature of the investment enterprise.
  • The role that the investor will adopt in the investment enterprise.
  • The past, present and future viability of the investment enterprise
  • Because the E2 visa is not subject to quotas, tens of thousands of applicants per year have been able to successfully emigrate to the U.S.A. on an E2 visa.
  • To qualify for an E2 visa as an investor, it is not necessary to have academic qualifications such as a degree or to be exceptionally talented.

Stay on E2

How long can I stay in the US via an E2 visa?

Although an initial period of stay of two or five years is granted to persons coming to the United States in the E category, this period can be extended almost indefinitely as long as the business is still operational.


We always recommend that you buy the business first and think about your residential property later, because it is ownership of the business that will allow you to emigrate to the US. Once the business has been bought, you can then think of buying or even temporarily renting a property. Some businesses have on-site accommodation where you can live. Once you are settled and the business is running smoothly you should then think of buying a property.

If you feel that you might be interested in applying for an E2 visa and wish to find out more about how you might qualify, please contact us so that we can arrange an appointment with a member of our expert legal team.

Should you retain our services, we may be able to refer you to a business broker who can assist you in finding the business of your dreams.

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