Employer Accreditation Visas for New Zealand

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Employer Accreditation Visas for New Zealand

The purpose of accreditation is to allow employers to more easily recruit highly talented workers from overseas, facilitating employers’ access to global skills and knowledge thus complementing the Governments education, training, employment policies and economic strategies.

Applicants recruited under this policy will have a high level of skills, particularly in knowledge based industries and other areas that will contribute to New Zealand’s capacity base.

If an employer becomes an Accredited Employer, they can offer employment to workers from outside New Zealand without having to prove that there are no suitably qualified New Zealanders available, or readily able to be trained, to do the work.

Their prospective employees will then be able to apply for work visas and permits under the Talented (Accredited Employers) Work Policy.

Approved employers are granted accreditation for 12 months.

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If you want to apply for a New Zealand Visa or want to find out more information about emigrating to New Zealand, please either :

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New Zealand FAQ

Once we recieve our permanent residency to Australia are we able to move to New Zealand? Or would we have to apply all over again as we have had to with the visas to Australia?

NZ will accept an Australian Permanent Resident as a Permanent Resident.

I have a police record in the UK. How will this affect my visa application for permanent residency in Australia or New Zealand? How many years is the record kept in the PNC? Up to how many years old can it be before I don’t have to declare it?

All offences recorded on your police record will never leave the PNC. For UK employment you don’t have to declare it after 10 years. For international immigration you have to declare it always. It never becomes “spent”. In most cases minor offences will not have a detrimental effect on your application for permanent residency, but it will depend on how long ago the offence was committed and the severity of the punishment. More severe cases i.e. offences where you were sentenced to time in prison, may cause problems for your application. This will again depend on the length of time since the offence and the length of time spent in prison. If this is the case for you would definitely benefit from the services of a registered agent who has had experience in dealing with criminal matters.

If my application is refused, how soon will I be informed?

You will be informed within a week of the decision.

How do I know if I am eligible to apply for permanent immigration?

The easiest and fastest way for you to find out if you are eligible is to fill out our free online assessment and let our registered agents do all the work for you. All the assessments we recieve are looked over by qualified agents who will make a preliminary assessment based on the information you provide and contact you to discuss your options.

What if my situation changes after I have lodged my application? Do I need to tell anyone?

Definitely, any changes should be communicated to the department. If not you may put your application at serious risk since the details it is being process on are no longer accurate. If the change is a major one you can apply to have your application put on hold if you wish.

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