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10 Great Reasons to Emigrate to Australia

by | Nov 17, 2016

Australia remains a firm favourite when it comes to migrant workers. From the glorious long hours of sunshine to the slightly lesser known employment opportunities. If you’re considering applying for a skilled visa for Australia so you can live and work in one of the most diverse and prosperous countries on earth, then take a look at our top 10 reasons for emigrating to Australia.

The Weather

Is the cold, cloudy, rainy climate of your home country getting you down? Moving to Australia will allow you to enjoy mild, temperate weather throughout the year with plenty of hot, sunny summer days. Even coastal cities such as Melbourne, Sydney and Perth get very hot in the summer – so it’s a good job you are close to the beach for a refreshing swim in the sea.

Work Opportunities in Australia

Boasting the twin benefits of a low unemployment rate and a relatively strong economy, Australia also has some of the best working conditions in the world. A high minimum wage and typically competitive overtime rates are other factors to take into consideration if you are contemplating applying for a Skilled Working Visa to Australia.

Beautiful Unspoilt Landscapes

Nature lovers rejoice! With over 500 national parks and over a dozen world heritage sites to explore, Australia is a haven for lovers of scenic grandeur and the natural world. Highlights include Kakadu, Karijini, Uluru-Kata Tjuta, Litchfield and Lamington National Parks. Expect a diverse range of beaches, canyons, creeks, waterfalls and lush forests to marvel at during holidays or weekends away from the city.

Low Pollution Levels

Australia is renowned for its clean, fresh air. By global standards, Australia has some of the lowest air pollution levels in the world– a breath of fresh air indeed!

Multi-Cultural Society

Australia is proud of its diversity – this is reflected in the fact that an annual celebration called Harmony Day is held on the 21st of March. The country is a great place to learn more about the customs and foods of different cultures.

It’s the Third Least Densely Populated Country in the World

With a population density of just 2.91 per square kilometre, Australia is one of the least densely populated countries in the entire world. This is great for the environment and means there are more resources available for everyone as well as plenty of jobs available for skilled migrant workers.

Excellent Healthcare

All citizens are granted basic healthcare via Medicare and there are also private options available as well, affording you plenty of choice should you need it.

Laid-back lifestyle

Australians are preceded by a reputation for being extremely chilled out and laid-back. Strangers are more sociable with one another compared to other countries and Australia also enjoys a relatively low crime rate.

Opportunities for Students

If you aren’t quite ready to apply for an Australian working visa, that’s no reason to rule out moving over. The country boasts a vast number of options for students from around the globe with the third highest amount of international students in the world.

Ideal for Travelling

Last but not least, Australia is great for travel. As it’s such an expansive country there is a lot to see and do from the awe-inspiring landscapes of the Australian outback to the vibrant and multicultural cities such as Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Brisbane. If you are planning skilled migration to Australia, it’s definitely worth factoring in some time to travel before you begin your new job. To find out more about applying for visas for Australia contact one of our Registered Migration Agents at enquiries@my-oe.com

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