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10 Tips on How to Work with a Migration Agent

by | Jun 21, 2018

  1. Get your agent to give you an outline

It is important that your agent offers you a clear outline of the application process from the outset and this will include a timeline for each stage of the visa application.  Your agent will let you know what is required of you including a document checklist.

  1. Submit the requested documents in good time

Please ensure you submit your documentation in good time, rather than leaving it to the last minute.  Lack of supporting evidence could delay the submission of your application.

  1. Be clear and upfront with your agent

All information you supply to your agent must be both accurate and authentic.  False information could seriously affect your application. This applies to any information relating to your personal documents, academic, professional or trade qualifications and health and character information.

  1. Be aware of deadlines

You should be informed of all deadline dates before and during your application process.  Keep notes of all deadlines and set yourself reminders. Deadlines are very rarely altered. Applicants with a critical birthday (for example where turning a certain age may affect your points) should be particularly aware of this.

  1. All contact between yourself and your agent should be in writing

It is your agent’s responsibility to keep a record of any correspondence or contact between yourselves. This will also serve as evidence should any disputes arise during your application process.

  1. Inform your agent if your circumstances change

If for any reason your circumstances change and you’re concerned they may affect your application, you will need to check in with your agent for advice on how to proceed.

  1. Stay informed and updated always

Your agent should keep you updated at regular intervals during the course of your application, whether you are at document gathering stage, skills assessment stage or the actual visa submission. You can also request further information and status update. It is also your right under the Data Protection Act (GDPR) to request any information regarding your personal details.  

  1. Be aware of costs and fees

Your agent should give you a clear breakdown of the costs and fees you will be expected to pay from the outset.

  1. Make sure to check all details

If at any point you fear something has gone wrong, or a mistake has been made in your application, you will need to first check all paperwork and communications between yourself and your agent.  Once you’re clear on where the problem lies, ask your agent to go over them in detail in order to rectify them promptly.

  1. Getting the result you want

No migration agent can ever offer you a 100% successful application guarantee.  However, the odds of achieving this are greatly increased if you have a good working relationship with your agent, and you have submitted accurate information on time. If you’re having trouble while researching emigrating to Australia why not speak with one of our registered migration agents

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