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77% of Brits have ‘no intention’ of returning to UK

by | Sep 12, 2013

According to a recent survey by the deVere Group, 77% of British expats would never return home out of choice. They said they would only consider a permanent return to Britain if it became untenable to live overseas due to financial, health or family concerns. Nigel Green, deVere’s chief executive, said ‘The findings highlight that the dream of living and/or working overseas is alive and well’. ‘This poll underscores how regardless of whether people are drawn to a country because of its lifestyle or because of the career opportunities to be had, the vast majority consider themselves more content abroad than in the UK.’ The deVere poll revealed that a better lifestyle or superior job prospects were the main factors motivating Britons to leave the country in the first place. When it came to factors that would stop them returning home, the top three were Britain’s poor climate, high crime levels and high cost living.

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