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Three Apps That will Make Researching Your Move To Australia easier

by | May 15, 2018

As good as search engines are for finding information on a particular subject, there are times when you’ll become quickly overwhelmed if that subject opens up too many results.  And then you’ll have to trawl through them one by one, hoping to find the answers you’re looking for. This is particularly the case when trying to search on the term ‘Sydney’ or ‘Australia’.

Everyone knows you have to be more specific than that (such as entering the term ‘move to Australia’), but even then, you can still be burned out from ‘information overload’. To avoid this initial hassle, you’ll need to get yourself organised.  Bookmarking websites of interest you find on your browser is all well and good, for example, but sometimes you can forget what you’ve recently added, especially if you do it frequently. What you really need is a way to store all of the most useful information you find in the easiest possible way, and in system that allows you to easily reference it whenever you need to. 

Forget about clogging up your inbox with email after email about ‘relevant’ information. This is where the following apps can help you out, they are free and accessible from your PC, phone or tablet. You’ll also be able to share your findings with ease.

Pinterest is a platform that by now everyone is familiar with to some extent, and it can also be a great research and information sharing tool to boot. You can create your own boards in which to share privately with others should you wish, and you can also usually uncover various moving guides that are relevant to your desired location.

Trello is perfect for organising big projects and you can create boards in which to add specific people so they can help you out during the planning stages. There’s plenty to offer here in terms of custom boards, interactive checklists, activity updates from your members and many more besides.It’s easy to get started with if you’re new to it, so you’ll be up and running and organised in no time.

Evernote is perfect for expats who want to dive deep into their research for their move to Australia. The software may seem complicated at first glance but once you’re familiar with it, there aren’t many options out there than can do a better job. If you’re having trouble while researching emigrating to Australia why not speak with one of our registered migration agents?

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