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Australian Emigration Guidelines – How Does the ‘Australian Points System’ Work?

by | Feb 13, 2024

Dreaming of moving to Australia? You are not alone, hundreds of hopeful migrants are considering the fab continent as their new home. Australia, as a nation offers a range of benefits to skilled migrants, hence being savvy with Australian emigration visa types and making a proper assessment of your eligibility is important. Your eligibility ranking is measured via the ‘Australian Emigration Points System’, which although available online is best attempted with the help of a registered Australian migration agent.

The Australian Emigration Points System

Having the Australian Visa Points System explained by a professional Australian migration agent will help you gauge eligibility and find any loopholes where necessary.

To start off, the points system evaluates your eligibility when seeking a ‘Skilled Working Visa to Australia’, allowing you to live and work on the continent while enjoying all medical and educational benefits and obtaining citizenship at a later date. You must first fall into at least one category listed on the Occupation in Demand List, mmi.homeaffairs.gov.au/visas and earn a minimum of 65 points under the Emigrate to Australia Points System.

Applying for a Skilled Australian Work Visa under the ‘Primary In Demand Occupation List’’

The proper term for this list is ‘Medium Term Strategic Skills List’ the MLTSSL, also called the ‘Occupation List One’. If you have the privilege of falling under at least one of the occupations listed under the current ‘Occupation List One’ or MLTSSL then you qualify under the ‘Premier League of Occupations for 2019’. www.homeaffairs.gov.au/ Once through with this initial selection, your chosen Australian migration agent will then proceed to submit your ‘Skilled Visa Application’.

How to Submit an Australian ‘Skilled Visa Application’ – After Qualifying Under MLTSSL

If you are considering applying for a skilled visa to Australia, as a couple or a family, take note that only one member must submit the ‘Skilled Visa Application’, this should be the most ‘eligible’ candidate based on the strongest ‘In Demand Occupation’ according to the MLTSSL  and who scores the highest points – remember 65 is the minimum.

Once your eligibility to apply for a ‘Skilled Visa’ is established according to occupation list on the MLTSSL, you can apply under Visa Subclass 189 or 190. immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/visa-finder work

Applying for a Skilled Visa to Australia  under the ‘Secondary Occupation in Demand List’

The ‘Short Term Strategic Skills List’ or STSSL is secondary to the ‘Primary in Demand Occupation List’ or MLTSSL. If you qualify under MLTSSL you will automatically qualify under STSSL and may apply for your visa under Visa Subclasses 189 and 190. But if you only qualify under the ‘Secondary in Demand Occupation List’ STSSL and obtain a minimum of 65 points, you can apply for your visa only under Visa Subclass 190; which falls under a Permanent Residency System.

Scoring Under the Australian Emigration Points System

There are many factors that influence your final score amongst them ‘age’ play’s a primary role. As of 2017 the maximum age limit to apply for an ‘Australian Work Visa’ is 45 years. 
Also if you are in the higher age categories it is advisable to get in touch with a skilled Australian migration agent with experience and professional skills to guide you.

Listed are the points as per age categories:

  • Age 18-24 = 25 points
  • Age 25-32 = 30 points
  • Age 33-39 = 25 points
  • Age 40-44 = 15 points
  • 45 and above are not eligible

Another defining factor is your ‘Skills Qualification’. Run through the ‘Skills Assessment Process’ to gauge your eligibility. 

Under the Skill Assessment Process’ you can decide on the amount of time you can claim as ‘experience’, which is another deciding factor in the Australian Emigration Points System.

  • 3-5 years’ experience in the last 10 years = 5 points
  • 5-8 years’ experience in the last 10 years = 10 points
  • 8+ years in the last 10 years = 15 points

English language skill is another factor;

  • Good = 20 points
  • Medium = 10 points
  • Basic = none

What Happens if You Score 60 Points

Being eligible under the MLTSSL and scoring a minimum of 65 or more points makes you a forerunner qualifying to apply under the premier Visa Subclass 189. But, what happens if your score is just 60 points. All is not lost, you can then apply under Visa Subclass 190 provided you qualify for an occupation listed under the ‘State/Territory Occupation List’; as qualifying under this list helps you secure a ‘State Sponsorship’ from any one Australian State, thus awarding you an additional 5 points bringing the score to 65.

Scoring 55 Points under the Australia Emigration Points System and Still Having a Chance to Migrate

Good news indeed, as you still have a chance to move to Australia, even if you get only 55 points, by applying under Visa Subclass 489. Applying under this visa category gives you a bonus of 10 points bringing the score to 65! Mind you this is only a temporary visa class and you must re-apply, after 2 years on the continent, under the 887 PR Visa. The first two years, however, require you to live in regional areas.

How to Score ‘Bonus Points’ Under the Australian Emigration Points System

If you score only 55 points, and your partner is below 45 and qualifies under an occupation listed in the ‘Skilled Occupation List’ you earn a bonus of 5 points which then entitles you to a State Nomination Visa, which adds another 5 points bringing the score to 65!

As you can see there are many loopholes which make the probability of lodging a successful application high.

An experienced emigration agent like Sure Migration in Perth will be able to evaluate your eligibility under the points system for the best score. Contact their friendly team for a no obligations quote and initial consultation in order to evaluate your eligibility under the latest ‘Occupation on Demand List’. Remember choosing a professional and MARA Registered Australian Migration Agent is mandatory to guarantee success in your application.

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