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Do It Yourself Australian Migration vs Using A Migration Agents

by | Jan 12, 2019

In this article we summarise a few key points comparing Do it Yourself Australian Migration vs using a Migration Agent for your Australia Visa application. Before we summarise the visa comparison points we would like to identify that when you are searching for information online you must always be careful to check that facts are current and true. The Australian Government are constantly changing rules and new immigration policies can be rolled out with very little warning.

When seeking Migration Advice it is actually illegal for anyone that is not a registered MARA Approved Migration Agent to provide advice on visa applications. For more information on MARA please visit their website here or read our article on what is MARA.

Do It Yourself Australia Migration Visa Application  

1) Before you apply for your visa be sure to check the Border.gov.au website to see which visas you are eligible for or which is most relevant for you.

2) Check your visa eligibility by reading each visa type in detail and review all the small print

3) Review your visa against your employment opportunities and review whether you’ll be required to lodge a General Skilled Migration Visa applicationFamily Visa or Australian Business Migration Visas. You can find out more about the various Australian visa options in our Emigrate to Australia section.

4) Check with your potential employer which visa you may require.

5) Check that your visa type is relevant for the Australia State or Territory that you wish to live in.

6) Ensure that you have the relevant qualifications for your visa and employment.

7) If emigrating with your family, spouse or partner, check that they are able to secure a visa.

8) If you have children check that they can attend schools in the local area you wish to live and if there are school fees for non citizens.

9) Don’t rush! This is a very important point, take your time to consider your options and make sure you have checked your paperwork and application.

10) Review your employment opportunities and ensure your visa duration. If you’re going for a Director role and you only have a 2-4 year visa you may not have opportunity to grow with the company if you are not eligible to become an Australian citizen in the future.

11) Research, Plan and Compare – this process will help you decide on whether now is the right time for you to emigration to Australia.

12) Make a spreadsheet listing all your living costs against your income so you can review your options and run clear comparison tests.

12) Check your application before you submit any paperwork. Once you have submitted your Australian Visa application that is final. If you make a mistake and the visa application is rejected, you may need to pay the fees again and your money will be lost as would the time you have invested.

13) Contact border.gov.au they do have support people although they only work Australian day time hours, so depending on your current location, this may not be possible.

14) Review how much time your application will take you and weigh this up against the cost of employing a Migration Agent. It may well be more worthwhile to invest more time into overtime and your career as a Migration Agent will be able to guide you through. Most Migration Agents will not even take on your application unless they know they can get your visa. It’s not in their interest to do the work without gaining results and they will be there to support you throughout the process which could be up to 12 months or in some cases even longer.

15) If you are able to apply for the visa yourself you may save some money and after your application you will be more educated on the system. If you do have the time and skills to understand and process the application yourself then it could be a worthwhile process.

Using a Migration Agent for your Australia Visa  

1) Always ensure you use a MARA Approved Migration Agent like overseas-emigration.co.uk.

2) Before you get too deep into research speak with a Migration Agent as they can often confirm your eligibility and which Australian Visa you should apply for.

3) When you make your eligibility test application be truthful. Hiding something like a criminal conviction may cause your visa application to be rejected and in some cases, specialist Migration Agents like our very own Richard Gregan, could still get you through.

4) After you’ve confirmed your Aussie visa eligibility check your employment opportunities. You may be tempted to speak with an employer first however on many visas you may be eligible to work for any employer once you have your visa.

5) Speak to your migration agent about any employment restrictions or potential changes in governments plans.

6) Speak with your migration agents about any similar applications they have lodged and ask for general advice that could be relevant to you. With a Migration Agency like Overseas Emigration you will find a number of MARA approved agents with different specialisms which means you’re not just investing in one persons support, but a team of people who will all be working to get your Australian visa application approved. Always try and use a Migration Lawyer in the UK if you are in the UK or company who have experience.

7) Research, Plan and Compare – this process will help you decide on whether now is the right time for you to emigration to Australia.

8) Review testimonials from past clients.

9) As above, don’t rush. It’s a big step in your life and for many people it will be a change that you will not look back on. Ask yourself, are you ready to make the move now? Is it the right thing for you and your family?

10) Ask your migration agent what will happen if you don’t apply now? Some upcoming visa changes may affect your eligibility in the future.

11) Most important, ask questions. Using a Migration Agent buys you a support network that you will not get easily by a Do it yourself Australia Migration application. We hope you found this Australian Migration comparison article is useful. Which ever way you decide to apply for your Australian Visa remember the team at Overseas Emigration will be available to help. Even if you’ve started your application and feel that you need help before final submission of your paperwork feel free to get in touch. It’s better to catch any issues before it’s to late and in most cases our MARA approved agents will be able to help.

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