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Australia’s healthcare industry continues to boom

by | Nov 2, 2012

It may be the case that Australia’s mining and construction industries attract most of the positive attention for their contribution to the economy and low unemployment, but according to Bill Shorten, Australia’s employment minister, their success is dwarfed by another industry: ‘If we were handing out gold medals for which industry created the most jobs, mining would stand on the dais with a silver medal around its neck, having been beaten by the winner. ‘Our gold medallist in jobs creation in the past four years, a very quiet winner indeed, has been Australia’s healthcare and social sector, which has added over 260,000 jobs to the Australian economy since November 2007.’ The minister says more than one in ten of the population is employed in this industry and while the mining boom is expected to slow over time, the healthcare and social services sector is predicted to grow. If you are in the Healthcare profession, you may want to find Free Australian Visa AssessmentsSkilled migration to Australia information can be very confusing and so we recommend checking out Australian Migration Agents in The UK

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