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Australia’s Points Based Migration System

by | Apr 5, 2018

Australia is known for having best merit based immigration system. Point based Australian immigration is a policy with an ideal settings and quick visa processing making Australia the best country to travel. The regulation for immigration is best since it has other pathways for potential immigrants such as the escapees so that converging the point’s commencements is not necessary for all migrants.

Australia is a leading immigration destination which offers many opportunities to immigrants relocating as skilled migrants, business migrants, families, partners and entrepreneurs. If one desires to emigrate to Australia it is mandatory to count the total points based on age, work experience overseas and the education qualifications so as to confirm the eligibility.

Work Life Balance in Australia

The whole process of moving to Australia can be challenging as there are many factors but for those who do qualify with enough points and afford the visa it can be smooth sailing. Those who relocate to Australia will always appreciate how point based system works and in hindsight will no doubt look back with joy and satisfaction when the process is over.

Australia is a country with a very strong economy allowing people who emigrate to start new life that offers a better work life balance than many western countries such as the U.K..  It one of the world most desirable places to live for good reason. With a total population of over 22 million populating only 2% of the total landmass overcrowding is not something you’ll worry about unless you’re queuing for a beer at a bar.  Australia is a desirable destination for many people because of the high standards of living and good infrastructures and quality of life that is second to none. It’s fair to say it’s not the most affordable countries in the world but on average wages are higher and companies often offer very reasonable hours and holidays which are very appealing for young professionals and families alike.

Skilled Migration to Australia

Skilled migration in Australia is a policy that allows individuals to apply for skilled independent visa if one has necessary skills. This helps the country to ensure that only people who have the skills labeled as required by the governing authority are eligible to work and live in Australia.

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The main idea behind this is to ensure foreign workers do not take the jobs that Australian’s can do, however there is a lot of controversy over this with the recent changes in the sponsored visa program formally known as 457 Visa to the new TSS visa. The skilled migration policy helps people to take up residence in the country for the purpose of work and it may also be possible in some cases to attach family members to this type of visa. The skilled migration policy has strict rules and only select occupations are listed as approved. To find out if you qualify we recommend speaking with a registered Migration Agent or filling in our Free Australian Visa Assessment form.

Working Holidays in Australia

Australia have reciprocal arrangements for the citizens from a number of countries which allow people under the age of 30 to work and travel in Australia on a Working holiday VisaThis is a great opportunity for people to experience life living abroad and gain extremely beneficial life skills while travelling. Would you like to know more about emigrating to Australia? Speak with one of our Australian Migration Agents in the UK, who may be able to give you a free visa assessment.

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