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Awesome Perks of Permanent Residency in Australia

by | Jun 21, 2018

A lot of people choose to emigrate to Australia because of its strong economy, balanced lifestyle, and high standard of living – not to mention its scenic landscape. Once you’ve done your checks and determined your eligibility for an Australian visa it’s time to apply for Permanent Residency (PR visa). It is your ticket to live, work, and study in Australia without limitations. Once you become a permanent resident, you can also claim several benefits that the locals enjoy.   

Indefinite stay

When you become a permanent resident of Australia, you can live anywhere in Australia that you like. You can also travel to and from Australia at any given time provided you abide by the residency rules and don’t either delay your arrival or stay more than 5 years outside of Australia. You will also be able to apply for citizenship after a set period which means Aussie passport and dual nationality.

Education opportunities

Enjoy the unlimited freedom to pursue any course at any university. You can also apply for education loans that are available exclusively to permanent residents.

Medicare enrolment

With one of the best medical systems in the entire world, access to the Medicare and other health insurance programs is among the best benefits you can get as a permanent resident. Enjoy a range of health care benefits, from cheaper medicine to free treatment. You can also take advantage of bulk-billed clinics across Australia for your healthcare needs.

Residential property ownership

Only citizens and permanent residents can buy an existing residential property to protect the real estate market from an influx of foreign funds. Temporary residents can purchase property by permission under the FIRB regulations. You may even qualify for certain tax incentives, bank loans, and home owner’s grant.

Child care rebate

The cost of childcare can be quite high, depending on location and type of childcare. As a permanent resident, you can qualify for childcare allowances and rebates. If your child is born in Australia, they are considered Australian citizens by birth. This means they can enjoy maximum benefits in education and healthcare.

Employment benefits

As a permanent resident, you can take up any profession in Australia. You can choose where to work, who you work with, and in what industry. Your residency will open more doors, especially because many Australian companies hire almost exclusively Australian citizens or permanent residents.

Social security benefits

After a period of two following PR visa approval, you will be eligible for social security along with benefits offered by the Social Security Department in Australia. These include sickness, student, and unemployment benefits.


If you have relatives seeking permanent residency, you can potentially provide sponsorship provided you meet some criteria of residence and support assurance prerequisites.   In addition, permanent residents can travel to New Zealand and apply for a visa. If you are abroad and things get rough, you can also apply for Australian consular assistance.

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