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Carpenter Pay Scales in Sydney – Top Reasons to Emigrate in 2019

by | Oct 2, 2018

Carpenter Pay Scales in Sydney – How much more would you earn as a carpenter in Sydney?

If you are a carpenter by trade, it’s about time you thought about emigrating to Sydney, that oh so vibrant Australian city, which will dazzle, entertain, take care of and reward you for your trade skills.

Carpenters earn an average of AU$ 28.93 per hour in Sydney, New South Wales!

Do the maths, where does that leave you, enjoying a pretty cushy life for sure, besides, you will be earning on your skills, doing the job you love?

Time to get in touch with a reputable emigration agent, mate, and get on the right track; start your paperwork with an experienced migration company and your chances of a successful migration to Australia will be very high.

Get Yourself a Personalised Salary Report

If you need more convincing, ask your Australian emigration agent to supply you with a personalised salary report. This is generated taking into consideration your location or country of origin, your work experience or how many years you’ve put into the trade and any notable achievements you may have in the field of carpentry. Skill and experience work together in providing you the best benefit when emigrating to Australia as a carpenter.

Look at the Stats – Average Earnings of a Carpenter in Sydney

  • Hourly Rate – AU$ 19.62 to AU$ 44.94
  • Overtime Hourly Rate – AU$ 24.70 to AU$ 59.12
  • Hourly Tips – AU$ 0.02
  • Annual Bonus – AU$ 3,000
  • Estimated Annual Pay – AU$ 40,426 to AU$ 94,261

While these are rough estimates according to market worth for your trade in Sydney, an Australian migration expert will be able to offer a more accurate salary structure. Considering New South Wales as your new home will definitely put you on the right path to achieving your highest goals as a carpenter.

Good luck making exciting Sydney your new home!

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