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DIAC increases visa charges again

by | Aug 16, 2013

As many people will be aware, new pricing arrangements were introduced on 1st July 2013 where not only the main applicant was charged, but also every individual on the visa application including partners/spouses and dependents. As from 1st September 2013, fees will increase again by around 15%. This applies to all visa types except temporary student visas and tourist visas. At time of writing, DIAC have yet to publish the new fee structure. If you have any concerns regarding the above changes, please contact us at: enquiries@my-oe.com. We advise all of our clients who are still to send in remaining documents for lodgement, to do so as soon as possible. For many, it may still be possible to lodge applications before 1st September, to avoid the effects of the fee increase. Remember to speak to one of our team members who is dealing with your application.

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