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Emigrating to Australia – The Pros and Cons

by | Nov 14, 2017

Bondi Beach, The Sydney Opera House, Kangaroo Island, these are just some of the iconic landmarks of that land down under, Australia. These as well as the quality of living, beautiful weather and opportunities make Australia an attractive place to live and emigrating to Australia has never been so popular.

Below we take a look at the pros and cons of moving to Australia to help you decide if this is for you.

Emigrating to Australia, The Pros and Cons: Climate

One of the major benefits of emigrating to Australia is living in a better climate, despite the enormous differences in weather patterns from region to region, which can range from tropical, arid and dry. Whilst the northern region of the Australian continent has a much more tropical feel, with hot and humid summers, and fairly dry and warm throughout the summer, the southern part of Australia is much cooler with a milder summer and rainy in the winters. So choosing the right region can be important depending on the type of climate you prefer.

Emigrating to Australia, The Pros and Cons: Living Space

Another advantage in emigrating to Australia is the sheer size of modern properties available. A typical Australian home provides much more living space than most other countries, in fact an average Australian home compared to one in the United Kingdom is almost three times the size. So if living space is important to you then Australia can be the better option.

Emigrating to Australia, The Pros and Cons: Cost of Living

When it comes to the cost of living, Australia is quite a bit more expensive for foodstuffs (two supermarkets share 80% of the market and a lot of food is imported), and property rental tends to be more expensive, particularly in the big cities. On the other hand, restaurant prices, taxis and local transport tends to be cheaper and despite Aussie car prices being slightly more expensive, car insurance and fuel is cheaper than in the UK. Internet connection tends to be more expensive in Australia, but utility prices (gas, water and electricity) and childcare costs are cheaper. Added to this, the average Australian salary is at least 30% or more higher than in the UK. Finally, emigrating to Australia will most likely mean that you are leaving friends and family behind, and this is certainly one of the downsides for many. However, with video messaging via Skype and other social media applications, contact via Facebook and lower costs in international phone calls, means constant contact when you want. And with all that extra living space, you can always offer them somewhere to stay should they wish to visit. To discover an unbiased, professional and completely honest opinion of your likelihood of success in migrating to Australia, head to our Free Australian Visa Assessment Today!

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