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Emigrating to New Zealand

by | Feb 13, 2024

New Zealand has a low population density, with the number of its inhabitants reaching 4,727,000 in October 2016. More than 13,500 people emigrated from Great Britain to New Zealand in 2016, a record number thus far. Apply for New Zealand Visas In lieu of political and economical circumstances, this number of UK migrants in New Zealand is expected to continue to rise, through the fixed variety of immigration channels:

  • Work and live permanently
  • Join family
  • Start a business or invest

The requirements for any residential visa vary, depending on the candidate’s intent in the country (for example, working as a skilled migrant, a business investor, or simply joining family). The most frequently used path is via skilled migration: migrants fill vacancies in industries that do not have enough skilled workers. The fields that require skilled workers are categorised, into “long term” and “immediate”. The long term list covers fields that require more workers globally, and that have an ongoing shortage of workers. Filling one of these roles gives you a 30 month visa, and the opportunity to apply for residency after two years of filling the role.

Despite not being able to bring a partner on this visa, it is an achievable, accessible option for those capable of filling the roles specified. Subject to a character assessment, this is a direct and sustainable goal for anybody who has one of these jobs. Unlike the extensive list of prerequisites and strict terminology featured throughout Australian immigration, the list of New Zealand’s skilled vacancies is extensive, and relatively loose in its terminology.

However, a noteworthy restriction in this immigration process, is the requirement for commitment to stay in the country and work full time in your said role (as portrayed in the long term skills list). Unlike the long term list, the “Immediate Skills Shortage List” and Essential Skills Work Visa do not feature a guaranteed opportunity to apply for residency. This means you could be working and building on a lifestyle that you may not be able to keep in later years. However, depending on your role, this visa has the capacity for candidates to stay for up to five years. New Zealand, like any country, looks for candidates who can bring something to their country, by way of work, skills, or financial benefit. For this reason, the most effective approach in moving to any of these places, is by knowing what you can give, and honing in on this, as opposed to the fact that you want to move country. When your skill is substantial enough that you have evidence to prove its quality and value, it is worth browsing here to understand what route is best suited to you.

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We have all settled in well in Oz. We have now been here a year and loving it. Thanks.
– Simon & Gillian Vamplew, Australia