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Finding Childcare Before You Move To Sydney

by | May 1, 2018

Making to move to Australia on a family migration visa is a challenging one at the best of times, but it’s even more of a challenge when you have small children in tow. There are so many things to consider and act upon both before and once you’re finally in Australia, so finding childcare and organising the appropriate care for your children is a great thing to do, ensuring peace of mind for that problem at least. While some childcare providers will insist upon an initial interview or orientation in person before you can apply, there are a growing number that will accept your enrolment via a deposit, all while you’re still in your country.

The waiting list for child care in the inner city suburbs can be high

Be aware however that due to the popularity of many city based childcare centres, the waiting list for approval (and space) is long, so don’t be afraid to venture outside of cities, where vacancies are much more likely to be available. The more popular the provider is, the more expensive they are going to be. This is something to seriously consider if you’re on a tight budget. Sit down and figure out your finances.

Request a written confirmation of the agreement

Once you’ve gotten that all important acceptance and paid your deposit, make sure to request a written confirmation of the agreement, and how many days of care you have secured.  You will also need to do your homework in regard to what exactly is included in their fee, and what isn’t, as every centre differs in this respect.

If you can’t get childcare – consider nannies

Furthermore, there are always willing and able nannies and other professional carers to call upon should your efforts to find a suitable care provider fall apart for any reason.  These options may also work out cheaper and more suitable to your particular needs, so consider as many options as you can. It’s also worth pointing out that as the major parties compete on childcare, a small group of companies are providing on-site facilities to help retain staff. Don’t forget to do as much research into finding childcare before you emigrate to Australia.You’ll save yourself a major headache. There are also a number of websites and guides to help you on this subject.

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