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High Demand for Carpenters in Australia

by | Jul 25, 2016

Skilled Occupation List 2016 – Carpenters

Carpenters are currently listed on the Skilled Occupation List for Australia meaning there’s never been a better time to apply via a Skilled Independent Visa to live and work in Australia.

Statistically, the employment rate for carpenters in Australia has increased slightly in the past ten years or so and increased moderately in the past five years. This might not seem too impressive but, given that other professions and industries aren’t doing so well, it’s an indication that carpenters are on the right track. In future years to come, experts believe that carpenters will have even more job opportunities in Australia, with the number of job openings rising up to more than 50,000 until 2019.

Carpenter jobs in Australia

Carpentry in Australia is an important occupation that consists of almost 124,000 workers as of November 2015. This reflects the fact that carpenters can be employed in numerous industries (including construction, manufacturing, and technical services) and that they can find work in almost any state in Australia. New South Wales, Victoria, and Queensland are some of the best places for carpenters to look for work since these areas have high employment rates for this profession.

Finding Carpenter jobs in Australia

If you decide to work as a carpenter in Australia, there’s a high chance that you can easily find full-time employment. Most of the carpenters in the country (around 93 percent) work in full-time jobs, as well as those who run their own businesses. Unemployment among carpenters is low due to high demand for this skill. You’ll most likely spend around 40 hours working every week and enjoy an average salary that’s ranked on the fifth decile.

All in all, it cannot be denied that carpenters are in-demand in Australia. So, if you’re a carpenter, do your research now and see why working in the Land Down Under can be a great step for you and will be worth applying for an Australian skilled visa.

Skilled Visa Requirements

There are a few requirements that come into play when applying for a skilled visa for Australia. So be aware of the following factors…

Age – you must be under 50 when you apply;

English language – you need a competent level of reading, writing, listening and speaking English.

Occupation – Your occupation must be found on the skilled occupations list.

Skills assessment – You must complete a skills assessment which must be assessed by the Australian assessing authority designated to assess your nominated occupation (which will usually have specific qualifications requirements).

Health assessment – you should be of reasonably good health and all applicants must have a medical examination carried out by a panel doctor who is registered with The Australian Immigration Department

Character assessment – it’s not all technical – you must also be of good character, which will also be assessed!

Moving to Australia presents an excellent opportunity to boost your income, do the job you love and live in a fantastic place with pretty good weather all year round; so get in touch with one of our migration agents today to apply for your visa for Australia.

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