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Income Requirement for Parent Visa Sponsorship Reversed

by | Jul 5, 2018

Due to much controversy and after various petitions, income requirements for Australian Parent Visa Sponsorship has been slashed, but let’s take a look at the details… The income requirement for people who want to bring their parents over to Australia has been changed to nearly half the amount that was previously stated in March 2018. This comes as welcome news for many migrants looking to sponsor their dearest for Parent Visas.

In March 2018, the Federal Government increased the income requirement of couples who want to bring their parents to Australia. The amount for sponsorship was set at a hefty $115,475 per annum and for single sponsors the required income was set at $86,606 per annum. The increased amount was a huge blow to mid-range earners looking to make their families whole again. Satisfying the required income threshold is difficult when earning minimum or average wages. For low earning migrant families, the amendments on the “assurance of support scheme” had removed any opportunity for them to back their parents for a visa application.

Due to the significant backlash, especially from the Federation of Ethnic Communities Councils in Australia, the government amended the changes announced in March. Why were the changes made in the first place? The changes to the ‘assurance of support’ program were introduced by the federal government and designed to keep migrants off welfare and ensure that their families will have enough funds to support their stay in Australia during the initial years.

Along with these changes is the need to present a form of security, usually a bank guarantee in some visa categories. A 12-month assurance of support requirement will also be introduced by the Turnbull Government. It comes as no surprise that the migrant community was up in arms regarding the huge financial requirements particularly since there had been no public announcement nor debate. The Federation of Ethnic Communities Councils in Australia, on the other hand, openly voiced out their concerns over the impact of the changes to the financial status of affected families and reunions among relatives. Following the continued backlash, a disallowance motion was planned by a collection of senators to reverse the changes to their previous amounts.  

The reversal resulted in a fantastic win for Australia’s multicultural society. More families will now be reunited through the Parent Visa.   The Parent Visa will allow parents of a child who is an Australian citizen, a permanent resident of Australia, or an eligible New Zealand citizen to emigrate to Australia with their children as sponsors. It is available in two categories Parent Category and Contributory Parent.  

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