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Job Opportunities for Electricians in Australia

by | Jul 20, 2016

According to the Skilled Occupation List, Electricians are some of the in-demand workers in Australia since they can work not just in residential areas but also in commercial and industrial spaces. They can even work in mines as mining electricians! So, whether you live in Australia or are planning to move to Australia, you’ll see that getting electrician jobs in Australia isn’t that difficult. Before you can land a job, you’ll need to take these steps:

1. Obtain adequate training

Being an electrician is dangerous since you’re always exposed to electrical hazards. Because of this, it’s important for you to have enough training. This way, you can show your employers that you have the knowledge and skills not just to do a good job but also to keep yourself safe at all times.

2. Prepare your documents

If you live outside Australia and already work as an electrician, you’ll need to take a Skills Assessment as proof of your skills to the migration authorities, known as Trade Recognition Australia (TRA). In addition to this, you should prepare a list of the companies you’ve worked for, the type of projects you’ve worked on, and the kind of tools you use. You can even include photos of the projects you’ve completed.

3. Get a Skilled Visa for Australia

Obtaining a Skilled Visa is relatively simple since your profession is included in the Skilled Occupation List and the Consolidated Sponsored Occupations List. This means that you can apply for any visa in the General Skilled Migration program.

4. Learn about the requirements in your specific state

Each Australian state has different requirements when it comes to licensing electricians, both local and foreign. Do your research and find out what the requirements are in your state (or the state you want to move to). Don’t hesitate to contact local officials if you have any questions.

5. Apply for a licence

Again, this process depends on your state. Follow the instructions for your specific state to understand the requirements for obtaining a licence.

6. Look for work

There are lots of online job boards that list electrician job vacancies, so browse through them to find a position that suits your skills, qualifications, and background. Once you’ve found several job opportunities, submit your CV and wait for employers to contact you.

Take these steps now to get the electrician job you want in Australia!

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