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Melbourne voted the most livable city in the world

by | Aug 21, 2012

According to the latest report from the Economist Intelligence Unit, Melbourne topped The Economist’s Livability Ranking. The annual survey of 140 cities uses more than 30 factors to gauge the state of healthcare, education, infrastructure, stability, culture and environment — rendering a score out of 100. Australia posted four cities in the top 10. Adelaide was voted in at number 6, Sydney at number 7 and Perth at number 9 on the list. The authors say the trend among the most livable cities shows a preference for ‘mid-sized cities in wealthier countries with a relatively low population density’. If you are considering the leap, you may wish to find Free Australian Visa AssessmentsSkilled migration to Australia can be confusing, and difficult to know if you are in the right direction – This is why so many people turn to Australian Migration Agents in The UK.  Most of the top-tier countries are separated by fractions of a percentage — the first-ranked Melbourne is scored 97.5, only 1.8 points higher than 10th-place Auckland, N.Z. The Economist Information Unit uses the ranking to provide suggestions on how businesses should compensate employees working abroad in cities ‘where living conditions are particularly difficult’.

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