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Moving to Brisbane

by | Sep 15, 2016

If you are planning a move to Brisbane on Australian skilled visa for , you will inevitably have some queries regarding how the city will be able accommodate your particular needs and living preferences. Brisbane is one of the most desirable cities in Australia for skilled migrants from overseas due to it’s warm temperatures, all year round sunshine and reasonable cost of living (in comparison to other Australian cities) and strong and growing economy. Unlike it’s neighbour state of NSW, skilled migrants with families do not have to pay for education which can be a deciding factor on the Australia state skilled workers choose to migrate to when moving to Australia. Brisbane is very well located with easy access to rural countryside, beaches and it’s only short distance to the world famous Gold Coast and Byron Bay  in NSW. If you’re undecided on where in Australia you would like to migrate to, or if you’re just researching and would like to find out if you’re eligible for a skilled visa to Australia, or any other pathway to migrate to Australia, then why not fill in our Free online Australian visa assessment? It’s totally free and if you’re eligible we’ll get in touch to arrange a free Australian migration consultation.

Here’s an overview of why skilled migrants love moving to Brisbane

Brisbane Weather

Brisbane is known for having a slightly cooler inland climate. If you’re moving to Australia from a country such as the UK, you may find this easier to adapt and acclimatise to. That said, the city doesn’t really have a ‘winter’ in the British sense of the word!

Best Beaches in Brisbane

Brisbane is located on the eponymous river and is around 15km from the Pacific Ocean. There’s also a man-made beach which is situated at South Bank Parklands. The city boasts easy access to both the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast, a fact which draws many tourists to the city.

Brisbane Suburbs

If you want to save money on accommodation costs, you may consider taking up residence in one of Brisbane’s five suburban districts. As well as having more of a relaxed suburban atmosphere, these districts also have what feels like more of a community spirit compared to the city centre. The only drawback is that you may have to spend time and money commuting if you work in the CBD, but your rent would be lower.

Living in Brisbane

Contemporary, clean and relatively compact, Brisbane is a fine place to call home. It actually has the distinction of earning the 20th spot on the Economist’s Intelligence Unit’s 2014 Liveability Survey, 31 places ahead of London! If you’re thinking about emigrating to Australia, speak with one of our registered migration agents at enquiries@my-oe.com

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We have all settled in well in Oz. We have now been here a year and loving it. Thanks.
– Simon & Gillian Vamplew, Australia