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Nurses Wanted Downunder

by | Feb 6, 2017

If you’re a healthcare worker considering a move to Australia, then the likelihood of you securing a visa to work in Australia as a nurse or midwife could be sky high!

Nurses are needed for work throughout Australia and even in main hubs such as Sydney, Melbourne and Perth. According the Skilled Occupations List for 2016/17 the following health care professionals are currently required in Australia; Midwife, Nurse Practitioner, Registered Nurses for Child, Family, Community, Aged Care, Critical Care, Emergency, Disability and Rehab, Medical, Surgical, Paediatrics, Mental Health are more are all needed.

But it doesn’t just stop at nurses when it comes to staffing Australia’s health care facilities. Administrative staff such as Medical Administrators and Nursing Clinical Directors are also needed as well as various other medical professions. Healthcare and medical workers can simply take a look at the SOL 16/17  to see if they qualify to apply for a skilled visa for Australia.

Benefits of Nursing in Australia

Should you, as a Registered Nurses choose to make the move to Australia, then there are many benefits to enjoy. From the lower patient to nurse ratio to the higher salaries, and slightly more flexible hours, nursing in Australia is an attractive alternative to those burnt out working on busy wards for minimal money. And what’s more, days off can be spent enjoying the fantastic weather as well as getting to know a brand new country.

What do Nurses need to work in Australia?

Outlined by Australian Nursing Agency as an overseas nurse you need to register with the  Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) before you can work in Australia. You must also be registered with the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Council. A Skills Assessment Test may also be required to prove your skills. If you have qualified as a nurse in any of the following countries, then your qualifications will be eligible in Australia:

  • United Kingdom
  • The Republic of Ireland
  • The United States of America
  • Canada
  • New Zealand
  • Hong Kong
  • Singapore

Outside of these countries you may need to undertake further training whilst in Australia and could consider entering on a Student Visa.

How to apply for the right Visa for Australia

If you’re considering emigrating to Australia, then the best thing to do is to contact a Registered Migration Agent. A Registered Migration Agent will be able to ascertain what type of visa you need to apply for as well as help you with the paperwork. After all, lodging visa applications for Australia can be an expensive process, so the last thing you want to do is make a mistake. Therefore, we highly recommend you seek the guidance of a professional. To speak with one of our Registered Migration Agents you can email us at enquiries@my-oe.com.

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