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Nursing Registration: Applicants must now activate registration within three months

by | Jan 11, 2017

AHPRA, the authority responsible for registering nurses, midwives and other health professionals in Australia, has indicated in various correspondence with our clients that they have reduced the activation window for AHPRA registration from twelve months to three months. This means that once a registration applicant has been awarded Approval-In-Principle, the applicant must present themselves at an AHPRA office in person within 12 weeks to activate their registration – all AHPRA offices are located in Australia. Up until now, AHPRA gave applicants 12 months to activate their registration, but the new three month window marks a change in policy. The reason for the change has not been announced yet, but may well be to do with the fact that many AHPRA applicants apply for registration from abroad and then, due to a change of plan for whatever reason, never follow up on their application. By reducing the activation window to 12 weeks, AHPRA can effectively reduce the number of open applications in the queue. If you are a nurse or midwife applying for an Australian visa, then we would advise you to leave your AHPRA registration until much later in the process, perhaps trying to coincide it with the approximate date of your visa grant. As visa grant dates can be uncertain though, it would be even better if you could delay applying to AHPRA until after your visa is actually granted. Of course, all this assumes that the applicant wishes to work as a registered health professional in Australia. If, on the other hand, you are a nurse or other health professional who is planning a change of career when you arrive in Australia then you don’t need to apply – AHPRA registration is not a visa requirement.   Please contact us should you require further advice about visa requirements for nurses and midwives in Australia.      

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