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Australian Visa Guides: Three Pathways to securing a temporary skill shortage visa

by | Jan 5, 2019

What is a temporary skill shortage visa also known as TSS Visa? In simple terms it’s a visa that allows you to work in Australia for 2-4 years based on your employment skills being in demand in Australia.

Pathways to securing a temporary skill shortage visa

The Subclass 482 is Australia’s most sought after working visa category. Whilst higher demands are placed on both sponsor and applicants, this new class of visa has tougher regulations.  Nevertheless, the 482 is an avenue for workers to live and work in Australia, whilst benefitting employers who can hire qualified overseas staff. The only catch is that this may not secure your pathway to permanent residency due to the recent visa changes. Before you apply for your visa, we recommend you speak with a MARA approved migration agent or the Australian Immigration department as they are the only people who can properly advise you on the correct visas that offer options for permanent residency.

If you are applying for a skilled visa in a state such as New South Wales, there is a choice of three pathways for subclass 482 visa application:

The Invited Pathway

An applicant or agent must lodge an EOI (Expressions of Interest) with Skillselect. Whilst submitting the application it must be made clear whether the applicant is to be sponsored by a family member or is looking to be nominated by an Australian Territory or State.

The application is assessed on a points based system, after which an invitation can be extended to those applicants depending on a family sponsorship. Applicants seeking a skilled visa through a government nomination, via Australian States or Territories, will have their EOI (expression of interest) reviewed according to the points system.

There are seven regions in NSW participating in this programme as follows:

  • Mid North Coast
  • Far South Coast
  • Northern Inland
  • Murray
  • Orana
  • Southern Inland
  • Roverina

The Extended Stay Pathway

As the name suggests the extended stay pathway is for applicants looking to stay in Australia longer. If you have already arrived in Australia under the visa subclass 475, 485, 495 or 496, you can apply to prolong your stay under the extended stay pathway. Do keep in mind that eligibility criteria are the same as stated above.

The Subsequent Entry Pathway

If you have a family member already holding a (provisional) Skilled Regional Visa under subclass 489, 475, 495 or 496, you may apply under the Subsequent Entry Pathway.

A Few Points To Ponder

Consider living in regional Australia which has great appeal, and even city dwellers are now taking note of these areas. Regional areas benefit from good infrastructure and excellent healthcare and educational facilities. Not to mention the lure of the beautiful coastal and rural countryside.

Save Time and Money With Professional Assistance

Immigration laws are constantly changing and it is hard to stay on par with what’s new. A professional visa consultancy firm makes it their job to stay updated with regulation changes, and are skilled practitioners in the visa application process, making your emigration journey as smooth as possible and ensuring that you avoid the pitfalls and complexities of applying for an Australian visa on your own.

Lodging your visa application for Australia via a professional visa consultancy firm saves both time and money.

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