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Perth vs London – Why Make The Move?

by | Apr 18, 2016

People often think the number one reason to move to Australia is for the fantastic weather. However, there are far more reasons that increasing numbers of Brits are moving to Australia. When comparing the lifestyle in London to that in Perth, Western Australia, there are so many positives to justify upping sticks and making the move to the other side of the world.

Why Move To Perth?

Perth and its surrounding suburbs is flanked with stunning coastline, meaning your weekends can be spent in the great outdoors, soaking up the sun and staying fit with water sports, as opposed to fighting to find a table at a restaurant, or queuing for hours in traffic.

Perth Sights

Although London has Hyde Park, Perth boasts Kings Park, which is the world’s largest inner city park, meaning you can escape to the wilderness and take in nature just a stone’s throw from the Perth CBD.

Perth History

Even though Perth doesn’t have the same volume of historical points of interest as London, the Western Australian Museum does have a fantastic display of Aboriginal artefacts going back a whopping 40,000 years before Europeans came to Australia – as well as quite a few interesting art galleries to indulge your inner culture vulture.

Perth Weather

Believe it or not – Perth’s average rainfall is actually higher than London – SHOCKER! Although in even the coldest months the temperature barely dips below 10 C, the summers can scorch you in the mid-40s, but alas, your winters can still be pretty rainy – just not as cold!

Cost Of Living In Perth

Now on the financial side of things… Perth is the world’s most isolated city, so the cost of consumer goods tends to be around 30% higher than in London, however housing and public transport is a lot more affordable meaning you can save your pennies to balance out the difference.

Perth Health Care

If you’re planning on moving your family over to Perth from London, then you’ll also be pleased to know that this city offers excellent healthcare and a lot less pollution than London, and it’s a lot safer than London, meaning your kids may have a much rosier childhood!

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