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The Suspension of State Nominations for Skilled Workers in Queensland, ACT, and the Northern Territory

by | Jun 21, 2017

It is important to note that the Northern Territory, Queensland, and the ACT are currently suspending the state nomination for all skilled visas where applicants are making their applications from outside of these states.

The same also applies to all overseas applications. This temporary arrangement will be in place until 1st July 2017 which means that you will need to look at alternative routes to application, or wait until the temporary measures expire. The delays will also be felt by businesses in the named areas who attempt to employ new persons who need to receive a state nomination as part of their skilled visa application.

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Whilst the changes will have a direct impact on applications, it is vital to note that they are only temporary and that the normal service will be resumed from 1 July 2017 onwards. Candidates should not be perturbed or put off from applying to work in their state of choice, but should instead use the interim period to explore alternative methods of filing an application if they do not wish to wait for the deadline to expire.

In addition applicants may wish to explore the openings and opportunities currently available in other states by reviewing the skills gaps that they are aiming to close. With detailed lists available of all desired skilled professions, it is possible that a number of applicants will use the period up to 1st July 2017 to explore new opportunities that they would not have been aware of had the temporary measures not been in place.

We predict that a flexible approach to application will serve candidates best. By being open to alternative routes, locations, and timeframes, skilled workers will be able to make the most of new opportunities as they present themselves.

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