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Is Now the Time to Emigrate to Australia?

by | Jun 25, 2018

Emigrating to Australia offers many benefits (such as the obvious ones like the much better and more reliable weather) to those seeking a new way of life for themselves and their families, but is now a good time to make the move?

In the past, there used to be plenty of jobs available and it was generally cheaper to live over there too. Over the last decade however, things have changed in that property prices have soared, living costs have risen and you now need valuable skills and qualifications to obtain work there.

At present, Australia’s economy is particularly strong and certain industries are experiencing a boom. The construction industry is seeing a steady increase in activity and demand which is producing opportunities for skilled migrants from the trade sector. This has resulted in an extremely high output of commercial and residential properties being built which could mean a drop in rental and property prices.

However, Australia has one of the highest number of millionaires and people are often prepared to pay 40% of their wage on rent to live near a major city. the Transport and Infrastructure sector is thriving with increased investment. And if you already work in this industry, now could be a great time to look at sponsorship or relevant skilled migration opportunities. Demand in online shopping has increased dramatically in recent year and has opened up job opportunities for web developers, content editors, social media experts, big data analysts, cyber security and staff to assist with transactions, customer service and shipping. There’s also good news regarding increased opportunities in the IT sector where salaries are on the rise and so too is the demand for skilled IT occupations. Provided you have an in-demand skill-set, you should be able to find a job in the industry.

Securing work in Australia and obtaining a visa and the right to work remain a stumbling block for many, which is why an immigration agent is often hired to help with this process. It’s also important that you do not expect to be earning the highest rates due to your experience back home, as Australian employers prefer to see Australian experience.

Although if you’re a specialist with a good work ethic, expats often find they can jump up a pay grade within 12-18 months of emigrating to Australia. When it comes to the cost of living in Australia, expect to pay similar rents and house prices as London.

However, salaries are higher than average, to compensate for this. You will also be able to buy a whole lot more for your money in terms of lifestyle. You’ll appreciate the much sunnier weather all year round and the more relaxed way of life. If the above is of relevance to you it is advisable that you seek out support and advice from a registered MARA approved Migration Agent. The team at Overseas Emigration will be more than happy to discuss your options.

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