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TRA issues 5th April deadline for submission of skills applications

by | Mar 29, 2012

Trade Recognition Australia has issued the following advice regarding processing of Australian TRA trade skills applications: ‘TRA Migration Skills Assessment, Points Advice Outcomes by 30 June The volume, complexity and insufficiency of evidence provided with applications for Migration Skills Assessment (MSA) and Migration Points Advice (MPA) applications have resulted in substantially longer processing times than initially expected. TRA will endeavour to provide an outcome by 30 June 2012 for all decision ready MSA and MPA applications received by 5 April 2012. Applications will continue to be processed in order of receipt. Applicants whose assessments are finalised between 1 June 2012 and 30 June 2012 will also be notified of their outcome via email where this has been provided. Please check your eligibility for these programs and confirm that you have met the evidence requirements before submitting your decision ready application. Please read the information about the MSA or MPA Programs available on the TRA website’   This effectively means that TRA only guarantees to finalise skills applications prior to July 1st if the application is received by 5th April. All TRA skills applications received after 5th April are unlikely to be processed before 1st of July – affected applicants will therefore be forced to lodge their main visa applications under the new visa processing system which will come into effect on 1st of July.

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