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Family Friendly Places To Live In Sydney

by | Apr 25, 2019

A move to Sydney is an exciting prospect, but, like anyone looking to emigrate to Australia, you’ll no doubt have questions that are difficult to answer before you arrive. Among these is likely to be the question of where to live, particularly if you want to find family friendly Sydney suburbs. Here, we take a look at some of the most family friendly places to live in Sydney to help get you started with your move to Australia.

Family friendly places to live in Sydney


A peaceful district with a strong community spirit, Blacktown has plentiful schooling, reliable public transport, and access to three major shopping areas. The district also boasts many parks and restaurants as well as a few medical facilities, so Blacktown is a strong choice for a family looking to move to a safe, convenient district with ready access to amenities.


For a family looking for weekends spent on the beach, Manly may be the perfect choice. Manly boasts a safe children’s beach and plenty of parks and open spaces, along with good schooling opportunities. Children will even have the chance to train for the local surf lifesavers known as Nippers. Manly has a good shopping precinct, lots of restaurants, cafes and eateries and hosts a market on the weekends, providing plenty of options to feed hungry kids. Related Articles: How much money do you need to move to Australia? 

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Some will prefer a suburb nearer to the heart of the city, and Paddington fits the bill just fine. Located on the doorstep of the CBD, rent can run a little high, but the trade-off is living in one of the more interesting, vibrant areas of the city. Cosmopolitan and a little designer, Paddington is a safe, convenient place to raise a family, particularly for those with a little extra money to spend. The area is well provided with schools and children’s centres, and the University of Sydney is also nearby. If you’re taking a job in the city with long hours, living nearby can maximise your home time with family.


Located further out from Sydney (about an hour by car), Parramatta is western Sydney’s retail and business hub, and rents benefit from being farther out. As a multicultural district with a strong arts scene, Parramatta is relaxed and scenic, boasting the Parramatta River and a multitude of tree-lined avenues. Schools are plentiful, and it has a university campus along with a large shopping district, so families should have everything they need without going farther afield.

Surry Hills

The cool kid of the suburbs on this list, Surry Hills is trendy and vibrant by night or day. Like Paddington, it sits on the doorstep of the city centre. Surry Hills features some of the best cafés in Sydney, and gentrification has put a rough past (mostly) behind it. Rents here are medium-to-high, with parking sometimes difficult. Again, convenience is the order of the day, so this is definitely a great location for the more urban families or for teenagers who want to keep busy.

Lane Cove

Lane Cove isn’t the most exciting choice you could make, but for those looking for a safe place to raise a family, exciting isn’t always the way to go. Lane Cove is a sturdy, dependable kind of place, characterised by greenery, parks, and serenity, along with a good choice of schools. Although situated just 15-20 minutes from the CBD, it also has its own village-like shopping centre, offering an idyllic atmosphere that puts one in the mood for afternoon tea. These are just a few of Sydney’s many family-friendly suburbs, but having a little knowledge of the area will make your move to Australia go that much more smoothly. Got questions about moving to Australia? Speak with a Registered Migration Agent today at enquiries@my-oe.com.

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