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How Much Money Do You Need to Move to Australia

by | Apr 4, 2019

Are you planning to emigrate to Australia? Well then you may be furiously googling – How much money do you need to move to Australia? Well, wonder no more as here’s some info to help you with your move to Australia.

So, How Much Money Do You Need To Move To Australia?

One of the many things you must take into consideration is the cost to emigrate to Australia. After all, the amount of money will always figure prominently in any type of relocation, near or far. It will also dictate as to how easy or difficult it will be to take care of all your requirements, considering that visa applications don’t come cheap. You may be expected to have a specific amount in your bank account as part of the visa requirement. So, yes, you should seriously think about how much money you will need to move to Australia before you start the whole migration process.

Proof of Finances

There are two types of skilled visas to move to Australia permanently – 189 Visa and 190 Visa. The former requires no proof of finances, while the latter may require a financial declaration, depending on the state. This may be just a declaration or a formal statement with proof of assets showing that you’re financially capable of supporting yourself and your family during the move. This used to be a major factor when you wanted to emigrate to Australia, but less so these days.

Breakdown of Cost to Emigrate to Australia

  • Migration Agent Fees

Migration Agent fees can vary depending on the level of service you require, and whether the agent is UK or Australia based. It is possible to move to Australia without the help of a migration consultant, but the use of a professional registered migration agent comes highly recommended, not only because of their knowledge of the entire process – meaning your application is more likely to be accepted saving you a lot of money in the long run – but also because they will be aware of possible problems and the necessary solutions. If you were to go at it alone, you could end up paying more and wasting time and money. Make sure to refer to the main website of the Department of Border Protection for your information. Don’t rely on forums and second-hand advice.

  • Cost of a Skills Assessment

As a requirement for a skilled permanent visa, this is something you should prepare for. A Skills Assessment will set you back between $450 and $2,200 AUD, depending on your occupation. Skilled trades, for example, require a practical assessment, while other professions require documented proof. The cost excludes the colour certified copies of documentation that may be required by a Solicitor or Public Notary. You may need to add up to £100 on top of the Skills Assessment fees when needed. However, a Notary Public or Magistrate (in England and Wales) and any Justice of the Peace (Scotland) can certify documents free of charge.

English Language Test

Most skilled applicants will need to undertake an English Language test to meet the points system. Expect to pay around £160 for a test.

Visa Fees

This is where a substantial amount of money will be required. But the fact that the Department of Immigration of the Australian Government has called you forward to pay the fees means that you are one step closer to moving to Australia. For 2017, the rates are as follow:

  • $3,600 AUD for the Main applicant
  • $1,800 AUD for the Secondary Applicant
  • $1,800 AUD for a Dependent over 18
  • $900 AUD for a Child under 18

Since there is usually a gap between the time your skills are assessed and you are called to pay the visa fees, you should take advantage of it and save hard. Even if proving your worth is no longer one of the criteria to move to Australia, the extra money will surely come in handy when you relocate.

  • Fees for Medical Checks

This will cost you up to £350 per adult medical test and up to £200 per child. So do make sure to allocate funds for this migration requirement.

  • Fees for Police Checks

Along with medical checks, you will be required to provide police checks too. The cost will depend upon which countries you require police checks from. Expect to pay anywhere up to £80 per adult (for all adults aged 16 and over).

  • Cost of Relocation Needs

Now that your visa to move to Australia has been approved, you will need to make arrangements for your permanent relocation. This will involve airline tickets, transportation of home contents with an international shipping company, as well as living costs on arrival. If you plan to ship all your personal belongings to Australia, prepare to pay anywhere from £2,000 to £5,000. If you want to save money, you can sell everything and buy new in Australia, or ship only a few things to reduce shipping costs. Remember that taking your pet and/or your car will be in addition to this. So how much money do you need to move to Australia? If you’re a single skilled visa applicant, expect to spend around £5,000 to £10,000. But if you are moving your family to Australia, expect to fork out a significant amount, between £10,000 and £15,000. Keep in mind that the figures are just estimates, there are other factors that can increase (or decrease) the cost of moving to Australia.

For all your enquiries regarding skilled visas and relocating to Australia, contact us at enquiries@my-oe.com and speak to one of our Registered Migration Agents.

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