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Skilled Migration To Australia: 12 Things You Need To Know About Migrating to Perth

by | Feb 16, 2018

12 Things You Need To Know About Migrating to Perth as a Skilled Migrant

Want to know more about skilled migration to Perth, Australia? Emigrating is a daunting experience no matter the location, however with Australia sunbathing comfortably on the other side of the planet, there are some things you should consider before migrating to Perth.

1 Healthcare – Say goodbye to the NHS

Migrating to Perth from the UK?  You should be aware that only permanent residents of Australia are entitled to free healthcare so health insurance is a must. There is a mutual healthcare system between the UK and Australia and some other countries but the cover is limited. When arriving in Australia you will need to register for a medicare card. This will enable you to claim back some of your medical costs but keep in mind this is limited. Costs for services such as ambulances are not covered. In order to gain full healthcare cover it’s advisable to take out private medical insurance, and in fact with some visas it is mandatory.

Good health insurance can be very expensive however compare the market are on hand to provide comparisons, so make sure to leave some room in your suitcase for a meerkat. Alternatively we recommend contacting companies such as Cigna, Bupa or Aviva or all offer specialist cover for migrants to Australia.

2 Travelling – Don’t leave home without your Licence

If you are going to be living in Perth you will be in for a rough ride without a car.

Perth is the fourth largest city in Australia and the most remote city in the World, meaning you are likely going to need to travel long distances on a very regular basis. Whether it be taking in the sights or the morning office commute travelling without a car can be a nightmare.

Public transport is on hand and for an Australian city, Perth is among the best connected. To lessen the burden however more information can be found on the Transperth Website and you will be pleased to know most transport services have air conditioning.

3 Accommodation – The Rental Crisis

Perth has a history of unstable rented accommodation usually in favour of the landlords, however it’s a large city and if you’re prepared to travel, you’ll be able to secure a good size home within an hours commute to Perth city.

Due to a sudden influx of UK and European migrant workers, rental vacancies were reduced rapidly resulting in a sudden boom of rent prices. This was made worse by a boom in mining but this is currently over so house prices for rental and buying are down. You can find out more about property rentals in perth on the popular website domain.com.au or realestate.com.au.

To find out about the opportunities to buy homes or flats in Perth take a look at this article on mortgages for migrants in Australia.

Although the rental crisis appears to have balanced itself out it is worth looking at various suburbs and taking into account travel time to the area you’ll be working. Carpenters and trade workers seeing employment in Perth for example may be more flexible than someone who has to commute to Perth City daily.

4 The Climate in Perth, Australia

If you are a sun seeker Perth is the city for you, mild winters and hot summers dance harmoniously to create a comfortable year round climate.

As a notice to my fellow brits, a law was recently introduced banning use of socks and sandals at beaches throughout Western Australia.

While that may not be entirely true if i can save just one person it was worth it.

5 Sun, Sea & Sandy Beaches in Perth, Australia

Perth is one of the most isolated cities in the world with miles upon miles of spanning coastlines.

Perth plays host to some of the world’s most popular beaches including Cottesloe Beach, only a 15 minute walk from the city.

You can also find Scarborough Beach with its outdoor amphitheatre and year round events only 20 minutes North West of Perth.

If you love a bit of alone time and relaxation it is not uncommon to find you have an entire beach to yourself, another perk of Perth’s isolation.

6 Cost of Living & The Economy in Perth, Australia

Perth, while considered to be an expensive city is currently 5.4% cheaper than London, while this isn’t necessarily cheap it is manageable. Considering, the average grocery bill is 29.7% higher in Australia to the UK it is something to think about before you pack your bags for life and jet off for a move.

7 The Job Climate and Finance Market in Perth, Australia

If you are considering emigrating to Perth you can find some excellent opportunities for employment on the myfuture website a government funded job finding scheme.

Perth has a thriving job market and Australia as a country holds potential migrators in high regards, good news for you hairdressers, IT contractors, bricklayers and the like.

8 Emigrating to Perth as a Family

Perth is an extremely family friendly city with a variety of great attractions, from sun soaked beaches to luscious green parks and exciting zoos.

If you have children of school age you can find some fantastic private and public schools, it is worth noting however that kindergarten places can be hard to find as they are non compulsory in Western Australia.

9 Sharks Are No Joke in Perth, Australia

We’ve all seen Jaws, well in Perth sharks present a real and present danger.

If you are out for a casual swim or an extreme surfing adventure and the alarm is raised we highly recommend you turn tail and head back to dry land. Haha… no but seriously, Sharks and other creatures of the Sea are in the waters but you’ll soon find that the locals know fairly well of the dangers and you’ll work your way around it.

You can find realtime beach safety updates by following @SLSWA on Twitter.

10 Are You A Smoker? Quit before you migrate to Perth.

If you’re a smoker emigrating to Australia will be take quite a hit on your wallet. Australia is one of the world’s most expensive homes to tobacco smokers with prices up to £1.50 more costly than the UK.

As you will already be used to in the United Kingdom the smoking age is 18 and smoking in any enclosed public space is banned.

11 Visa’s – How to Emigrate to Perth, Australia

There are several types of Visa to consider when emigrating to Perth with options available for people of most circumstances.

Australia Working Visa

Working Visas are available for skilled professionals and tradespeople on a permanent or temporary basis.

Thinking of Emigrating to Perth?

Take our free Australian visa assessment or find out more about skilled migration to AustraliaIf you’re enquiry is more urgent you can speak with one of our Australian Migration Lawyers in the UK

Working Holiday Visa

If you are looking to travel the world a Working Holiday Visa is the ideal option for you. If you’re between 18 and 30 years of age you may qualify for a 12 month Working Holiday Visa allowing you to soak up the sun, enjoy the sights and make a living at the same time.

Family Visa

If you have a partner or immediate family living as personal residents of Western Australia you may be entitled to apply for a Family Visa.

12 Buy a return ticket

While you may be anxiously waiting with your bags packed at the door, houseplants dropped off at the neighbours and ready to turn your back on Blighty it is always worth keeping in mind a fall back plan.

Should circumstances change a one way ticket from London to Perth can run you anywhere around the £675 mark with Emirates, while extend that to a return ticket from Perth at roughly £800 you can potentially save yourself money which is always a bonus and you are providing yourself and your family a safety net.

What’s more, return tickets can be flexible and if you select to flight with flexible return, you could change it from as little as £110. After all, you never know when you might need to fly back to the UK to visit family and old friends once you are settled in your new home.

We hope you have found this article informative, for more great content, emigration tips and travel advice be sure to bookmark overseas-emigration.co.uk.To discover an unbiased, professional and completely honest opinion of your likelihood of success in migrating to Australia, head to our Free Australian Visa Assessment Today!

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