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A Quick Guide to Australian Business Migration

by | Jan 13, 2018

Finding the best Australian business migration visa option does not have to be confusing, in this article we look at the various Australian business visa options, how they are applicable to you, and the process and requirements needed to acquire one. As always we recommend seeking professional advice from a MARA approved Migration Agent before proceeding with any visa application and searching for relevant information and articles at border.gov.au. Not only does this make the entire business visa application process more straightforward, but it can also save a lot of time and expenses by getting your business visa application right first time, not to mention speeding up the entire process.

Types of Australian Business Migration Visas- State Nominated Visas

There are several types of Australian business migration visas available and we look at the various requirements and criteria of each one; The first is the Business Innovation and Investment Visa, this visa is a two-part process that can lead to a permanent residency. Initially you will need to apply for a provisional visa (Subclass 188). The criteria for this visa is divided into four paths, choosing the most relevant to you. These are as follows;

  1. Entrepreneur – This is aimed at individuals who have agreed with a third party, funding of a minimum of two hundred thousand Australian Dollars. And for those who are going to develop a service or product that will be a commercially viable business within Australia.
  2. Significant Investor – Quite self-explanatory, simply an individual who are willing to invest 5 million Australian dollars over a period of four years to benefit Australia
  3. Business Innovation – Aimed at existing business owners who are willing to relocate their overseas business or to establish a new business in Australia.
  4. Business Investment – Individuals who are willing to invest in a business in Australia, this requirement is suitable for successful business owners who can invest 1.5 million Australian Dollars over a period of four years.

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Applying for Permanent Residency Business Visa

After meeting the requirements of one of the four parts of the provisional Australian business migration visa, the second part is the permanent business visa, this is applicable to those who have hold the four-year provisional business visa (Subclass 188) and whose goal is a permanent Australian residency. Again, there are also multiple avenues of application for this visa and these are as follow;

  1. Significant Investor – Aimed at those who are willing to invest a minimum of five million Australian Dollars over a period of five years.
  2. Business Investment – Aimed at individuals who are willing to invest at least 1.5 million Australian Dollars over a period of four years and suitable for business owners and investors.
  3. Business Innovation – Again aimed at those who are happy to relocate their overseas business to Australia or are looking to establish a new Australian business venture.

This visa is valid for a total of five years and leading to permanent residency. Of course, as we always recommend, carry out thorough research before applying and seek the aid of a professional MARA approved Migration Agent who can help you along the way. The team at Overseas Emigration Visas are well equipped with the skills and expertise to assist you with Business Migration. To speak with one of our team please contact us at enquiries@my-oe.comTo discover an unbiased, professional and completely honest opinion of your likelihood of success in migrating to Australia, head to our Free Australian Visa Assessment Today!

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