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Education And Schools In Australia

by | May 12, 2019

Australia’s standard of education is world-renowned and many expats choose to move to Australia for that very reason – whether it be for their own education or their children’s.

The Australian government puts a strong emphasis on quality and diversity of subjects meaning many skills, qualifications and interests are catered for through the Australian education system. If you are an expat moving with children to Australia, you will find an abundance of schools in Australia in any city or suburb you choose to settle in. However, one thing that often determines which school you choose in Australia is curriculum and cost. In Australia the ages for school attendance vary from state to state – however the average age that children must attend school is between the ages of five/six and 16/17. Family Friendly places to live Sydney How much money do you need to move to Australia?

Public Schools in Australia

Approximately ⅔ of the expat and local population of Australia send their children to state schools. Temporary residents may be liable to fixed tuition fees, depending on which state they choose to live in. As is normal in most countries, parents or guardians are required to pay for uniforms and stationery. Permanent resident visa holders can send their children to school for free – although voluntary contributions may still be required – so make sure you check with the school or local education authority to clarify this when budgeting for your move to Australia. Furthermore – once you want to enrol your child in a school in Australia you will need to provide proof of address, so make sure you’ve secured somewhere in easy reach of good schools before you get your hopes up of the dream school for your child. If your children are nearing college age then you will want to carefully consider the curriculum of the public school they are at as some offer an International Baccalaureate (IB) programme – so you’ll want to make sure they come out with the qualifications, credits and certificates they need to progress to university should they wish to.

Private & Independent Schools in Australia

There is a good choice of private schools in Australia and it is assumed that the education and facilities in Australia’s private schools is higher. However, the majority of private schools in Australia are “faith based schools” or Catholic Schools – so there is a high value placed on academic excellence but also religious instruction. The extent of religious practices varies from school to school – however speaking to other expats with children at faith based schools in Australia is a good way to find out if this is the best option for your child. Expats who choose to send their children to private schools in Australia will need to pay tuition fees – however costs can be less than the fees required to be paid by temporary residents in certain states, so this may be a cheaper option.

International Schools in Australia

There are far fewer international schools in Australia compared with countries such as the UK or Germany, and expats who want to enrol their children in an international school should be aware of the expense and long waiting lists. What visa do I need for Australia?  Want to know more about moving to Australia? Speak with a Registered Migration Agent who can assist with visa applications and migration advice at enquiries@my-oe.com.

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