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Emigrate to Australia from the UK

by | Nov 2, 2018

On this page, you’ll find all the information you require to make a decision about emigrating to Australia from the UK. Moving to Australia for work or with your family is a huge decision and not one to be taken lightly. Planning and doing your research is an essential part of the process. A good place to start is by creating a list of things to do before you emigrate to Australia.

Things to do before you emigrate to Australia from the UK

  • Check your Australian visa eligibility
  • Consult with an Australian Migration Agent and check they are MARA approved
  • Research the Skilled Occupation List
  • Find out how the Australian Visa Points System Works
  • Do your homework on the areas you are planning to live in
  • Find out how much the average salary is for your particular profession
  • Speak with potential employers to find out if there is a demand for your occupation and skills set
  • Do you have children? Find out about the schooling system and whether you want state or private schooling. If you have small children, find out if there’s a waiting list for kindergarten or day care in the area you want to live or work in.
  • Don’t rush the decision, plan, prepare and secure your Australia visa.

Checking Your Australian Visa Eligibility

A great place to start your research is by checking your eligibility for an Australian visa. Here at Overseas Emigration we provide a Free Australian Visa Assessment. Simply fill in the form with your details, answer the questions and one of our registered migration agents will review your application and contact you to inform you of your eligibility. You can also call our office during working hours Monday to Friday.

If you’re happy to do some research yourself a great place to start is by going through the official Australian government immigration website www.homeaffairs.gov.au

Using an Australian Registered Migration Agent – Why use a MARA approved agent?

Emigrating to Australia from the UK is a big decision and one that needs careful consideration. Remember these points and do your research beforehand. It’s always best to speak with a professional as errors on your application may be costly in terms of having your visa application rejected and you will lose the fee you paid. By speaking with a migration agent at the outset you could avoid a lot of anxiety and time wasting. Applying for an Australian visa – particularly a skilled visa – is not necessarily straightforward and plain sailing. Paying for the services of a professional when you can apply by yourself may seem unnecessary;however with the Australian immigration regulations changing throughout the year, it’s very hard to keep up with legislation. A MARA approved Australian Migration agent has a legal duty to be up to date with any of these changes.

Australian Visa Points System

Obtaining a skilled visa allows you to live and work in Australia and have access to medical and educational facilities. Fulfilling your residency as a permanent resident also means that you can apply for citizenship in the future. Before all of this, however, to apply for a skilled permanent visa, you need to score at least 65 points on the Australian Skillselect system, whcih awards points for age, profession and work experience, amongst other issues.

To secure a permanent or temporary visa for Australia, you will need to know how many points you score. Read this article you can find out how the Australian Point System works.

Research the Skilled Occupation List

There are three Skilled Occupations lists that you need to review before you can make your application for an Australian Skilled or sponsored visa.

  • Short-term Skilled Occupations List (STSOL)
  • Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL)
  • Regional Occupation List (ROL)

View our guide for Skilled Migration to Australia

View the current 2018 changes to the three skilled occupation lists on the Home Affairs website here

Checking the “need to know” facts for emigrating to Australia

Our team has years of expertise and knowledge and you can be confident of getting the best advice. Our handy FAQ page summarises the key facts you need to consider.

View our FAQ covering the need know facts for emigrating to Australia.

Emigrating to Australia with Children

Here are some of the issues to ponder if you’re emigrating with children:

  • How do you get children into school in Australia? What’s the process?
  • Do you have to pay for schools in Australia if you’re not a citizen?
  • Is there a waiting list for schools in Australia?
  • What curriculum do Australian schools follow?
  • What are the best schools in Australia?
  • What age do children start school in Australia?
  • What age do children go to college or university?

Our handy guide for choosing the right schools when you move to Australia covers some of the key points you need to consider. If you require more information or have specific questions, our team will be more than happy to advise or even find the answers for you. Just reach out to one of our Migration Agents and we’ll be happy to assist!

Finding Jobs in Australia before you emigrate from the UK

Finding a job before you emigrate to Australia is an essential part of the process. We believe in doing your research before hand and approaching the emigration process in a strategic manner. That’s why we prepared these handy help guides for teachers, nurses and trade professionals who are researching making the move. If you don’t see your occupation in the list below don’t fret! Let us know and we’ll be able to provide you with some information to help you too.

If you would like to review jobs in Australia, we can recommend the following websites.

Making a checklist to help you plan your move to Australia

  • Research Jobs in Australia.
  • Consider which cities in Australia you want to live in.
  • Check to see if you’re able to find work where you want to live.
  • Consider your living costs and do a comparison against the UK.
  • Research average house rents where you plan to live

Do your research and get information from people who have already emigrated to Australia.

Do your research and read blogs and social media community pages to find out how other people from the UK have emigrated to Australia. Discover the stories and get advice from people who have already made the move down under. You’ll be amazed at how people are more than happy to share their experiences. Here are a few handy articles to help you through your journey.

Useful Social Media and Community Pages for people from the UK planning on emigrating to Australia.

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